Saturday, October 3, 2015

September... Where Did You Go?

Time is getting away on me.  I blinked my eyes twice and September was gone.  There hasn't been much crafty going on but there has been a bit of travel.  Rob and I went to Montreal.  It was great hanging out with my brother Andrew,

visiting and chatting lots with Chantal,

and getting lots of hugs from my favourite little guy, Thomas! 

We spent lots of time outside enjoying nature!

There was lots of good eating enjoying all of our eastern favourites that we don't have in Alberta, like Montreal smoked meat,

and Quebecois sugar pie.

We had the chance to dress up and be total dorks!

Rob and I went back to our college where we first met many moons ago.

We were a little early to see much of the beautiful red foliage that we miss so much 

but Thomas helped me to find a couple to bring home.

I collected lots of memorabilia and now I just have to decide how I will record all of the fun memories we made. 


Friday, September 18, 2015

Wrapping Up the Summer Photo Challenge Mini Album or Not

I thought that I had finally finished putting together my teeny tiny 4x4 album with my photos from Rinda's Summer Scavenger Hunt.

As mentioned previously, I found all of the photos with the exception of finding three flags on one flag pole.  I figured that maybe in Canada we have so much space that we have the liberty of using three separate poles to fly three flags.

This is how I recorded not being able to find this photo.  Just like in our old yearbooks when a student was absent on picture day.

Then the other night while coming home from Edmonton on a route that we travel often, you'll never guess what I spotted blowing in the wind... a pole with three flags.  It was off in the distance in an industrial area.  We left the main road to get close to the flags.

Now I'm not sure if my finished mini album needs an appendix!  This isn't the first time I have had this thought regarding my album.  Here's the photo that I found for the "turtle" prompt.  It's a lawn ornament in my neighbourhood.

I was quite happy with it.  It had been documented in my album which was still a work in progress at the time.  But let me backtrack for a moment.  On a Sunday afternoon last February at our local Starbucks we came upon a fellow walking his turtle through Chapters.  It was the strangest thing to see since this was a really big turtle.  Who let him in the mall and how did this guy get this creature from the car and into the store in the wintertime no less?  The owner was quite evasive.  All we learned about this turtle was that he was 14 years old.  This summer when we saw the turtle prompt on the scavenger hunt, Rob and I said that it would be so great if we ran into that guy with his turtle again.  Well, we did!  It was on a Saturday afternoon in late August.  We were on the West end of Edmonton of all places.  Here came this beautiful creature again, headed towards another Chapters.  I just love his ruffle!

This time we got out of his owner that the turtle's name is Franklin.  He also told me that his turtle is the most attractive turtle in the world.  I'll give him that.  After all, my heart tells me that Lady is one of the most attractive dogs on the planet when clearly I know that she is not.  ;)  Plus... Franklin has that ruffle!

So I guess my finished album needs a few more pages.  These photos along with the story are too good to be forgotten.  I love the fun that the summer photo challenge provides us with.

Here are a few photos of my favourite pages in my unfinished album.  I have to give inspirational credit to the very talented Kim Jeffress.  I was totally inspired by a tiny album that she created for the Heidi Swapp blog.  I love her ideas that make albums so interactive!  I encourage you to check out her blog here.

This hello piece was cut out of an acetate sheet from Crate.

I cut up a 4x4 card to fit into the 2x2 pockets.

Project Life cards work great in these 4x4 albums.

I used The Fuse to create this long confetti pocket.

The bottom section of this card was made using my Cuttlebug. 

This was attached with The Fuse.  Such an amazing tool!

I cut off 2 of the 2x2 squares to add a smaller page in the album.

The perfect sentiment for a scavenger hunt!

I'll be back soon with another 4x4 album to share.  I have actually been doing crafty things but just not quite getting them on the blog.  Bad blogger!  ;)


Friday, September 4, 2015


I have been a bad blogger.  I feel like I have been busy, although I'm not sure how much I've actually been getting accomplished.  Sometimes life is like this, I guess.

Rob and I have been hanging out on the sofa watching Netflix.  We've been spending time in Schitt's Creek.

If you haven't watched this show yet, I highly recommend it.  It is hilarious!

I've been doing some shopping.  All the new Heidi Swapp goodies came to Michael's.  Not the one near my house, so there have been a few trips into the city to seek it out.  I love it all but the turquoise/teal stuff is totally amazing.

There has been some clothes shopping too.  Rob and I have a wedding to go to this weekend.  I hate shopping for dress clothes... with a passion.  Thankfully, Diane loves it and drags me to the store and basically picks something out for me to buy.  How did I dress myself before I had this girl?

Thomas started Kindergarten this week!  It seems like he was just a baby yesterday.  How did he grow up so fast?

Soon Rob and I will be off to Montreal for a visit and I am excited to hear his views on this new adventure.

Wedding plans for Diane have been starting up again.  This week Diane's dress came in and we got to go and see it.  Here's me and Diane's soon to be Mother-in Law, Merle.

This is the girlie side of the bridal party, Candice, Chantal and Lisa.

No photos of Diane because she is in her dress in every one of them and that is top secret for now.

Today Diane and I took a quick trip to Michael's to look at more wedding decor ideas.  Next it was home to give the Cricut a workout and make table numbers.

Diane hates crafting.

But she sometimes pretends that she is having a super fun time.  ;)

I'm hoping to get some scrapping in soon.  The new September kit from my LSS is sitting on my desk calling my name.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

That 70's Tangent ~ Its Been Some Time

Geez, I can't remember the last time I did a 70's Tangent post.  Since doing my house purge last month, I have been avoiding the thrift shops in an effort to stop bringing things back into the house.  But, that 70's vibe is alive and well and I may have wandered into a thrift shop or two recently.  ;)

As the house painting project winds down, we saved the best colour for last.  The bathroom is now gold!  Bring on the 70's!

I had to really contain myself to not paint the entire upstairs this colour.  You know me with gold.  Hind sight has me happy that I only indulged a small space with this saturated colour.  I think it would have just been too much for the entire upstairs.

These thrift store finds also took me back to the day.  I found this set of three "Old Orchard" Pyrex bowls for $12.  They now have a home in my kitchen cabinet of favourite Pyrex.

Then there was this package of gift wrap.  I'd buy this as a patterned paper for scrapping!

The final 70's touch that I added to the house was found at HomeSense.  I was thrilled to find this pattern in my favourite brand of bed sheets.  (So these sheets are sitting on my kitchen floor waiting to go into the laundry.  Hey, where is Lady and why is she not sitting on this pile of softness?)

It's feeling pretty gold around here and I love it!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Fall Leads to Halloween

So I'm thinking that fall is creeping up on us in my neck of the woods.  Mornings are chillier, nights come quicker and the light is changing.  That beautiful crisp orange light is streaming through the windows most days.  Last night I had to put the second blanket on the bed and then today, while on a walk, I spied these!

Yup... fall is on our doorstep and I love it!  All of the stores seem to have out fall decor and even some Halloween stuff.  It is no wonder I had a sudden interest in scrapping photos of Thomas from last Halloween.  I got my hands on the newest Halloween line from Carta Bella and it is so vintage and fun!

Here's Thomas playing with some Halloween goodies!  Spooky stuff!

I used a sketch that I found on Pinterest created by Janice Daquils-Pardo.  Her blog is The Constant Scrapper.  She has a link on her blog to her sketches on Pinterest.

Next up is Tom in his Mario costume.  A last minute costume change had him actually go out as Optimus Prime.  Oh the decisions to make when you are 4 years old.  ;)

I used this sketch by Scrapbook Challenges.

Next up is to try my hand at some Halloween cards.  This collection seems perfect for cards!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mini Tag Album

I recently signed up for a mini album course through Studio Calico.  Maggie Holmes was the designer and we got to make this adorable mini album out of a variety of tags.  This was the perfect project for using the Fuse tool, as we custom sized Project Life protector sheets.  The Fuse is an amazing tool to have especially if you are into pocket pages.  Bring on the confetti pocket pages!  As far as the class goes, I didn't order the kit as I felt it was a bit expensive for what came in the kit.  I gathered my own supplies and made sure I had the patterned paper used in the kit.

I decided that the theme of my album would be documenting my walks.  So I took my camera along and took a variety of photos of us on our walking adventures.  Here's a peek of some of my favourite pages.

I love the way the album fans out.

Finally found a use for that plastic bird from Maggie Holmes "Confetti" collection.

Still loving my Martha Stewart's doilies.

Of course I had to get in a photo of the Alberta rose.

Did some heat embossing to copy a tag used in the kit.

I punched out circular elements from a cork patterned paper to duplicate the wood veneer in the kit.

This is my favourite element!

 A little pocket that holds journaling tags as well as a tiny album created with the Fuse tool.

So much fun!

Happy embellished tag.

The confetti pocket was created with the fuse.  Love how it is fused on an angle!  There is a tiny glassine envelope at the back that holds tiny photos.

Vellum envelope with sequins!

The last tag was the largest of the bunch.

This little album of memories sits in a book shaped tin, keeping it safe from dust and ready to enjoy for years to come.

My next mini album course with Studio Calico is designed by Marcy Penner.  I'm so excited to try to replicate her very minimal style.  I have been a huge fan for years even though it is the other end of the spectrum of how I scrap.

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