Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Crafty Tuesday

It is always such a great day of the week.  Susan came over today and we did some scraping and some knitting.  Here's the page I did.

I used this sketch by Kristine Davidson.

The knitting wasn't quite as a success.  Knitting and talking doesn't always mix and so I had some ripping back.  Boo to that!

Hope you all had a great day too.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Feeling Wintery and Some Sneak Peeks

It may only be October but around here we are more in December mode.  There is still snow on the ground although we are promised some more seasonal weather coming soon.  But for today it is hanging out with Rob while he watches football.  I'm not really watching because I don't get it.  I'm knitting and sipping tea instead and noticing how every second commercial is for a truck.  I can smell my stew in the oven and it really is the perfect stew day.

This wintery vibe makes it the perfect time to share some sneak peeks for the upcoming November kit at Treasured Memories.  This kit was so much fun to work with.  Although it has some winter elements it is not just for scrapping winter. I created eight pages with it which I will share next month.  Until then...

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Come Along on a Show Home Tour

So it was a wet, snowy, dull, slushy Saturday.  It was warm enough outside but nothing about the day made us want to be out in it.  We forced ourselves out of our P. J.  pants and decided to go and look at a lottery show home in the city.  This one is for the Stollery Hospital which is our childrens hospital in Edmonton.  Would you like to come along on the tour?

Well this house had a very modern and minimal style to it but believe me,  there was nothing minimal about it. The outside almost had a commercial feel to it.  I guess because it is on the other end of the spectrum of traditional.

The laundry room was amazing!  I think I might have a thing for laundry rooms.  I think this one would make a person want to do laundry... maybe.  ;)

Here's the kitchen.  It was huge.  It had two islands and two ovens.  Geez, I rarely use my one oven.  LOL  There was a little room off the kitchen that held a second fridge and second dishwasher.  Yikes!  The one thing I did like was that the countertops looked like granite but they were actually some kind of recycled material.  The light fixtures were very industrial looking and I didn't like the wires hanging so strangely.

Here's the living room.  Not too big but that is because there are two other huge places to sit in this house.  The fireplace was very modern and I thought it was weird how the television sat off to the side of the wall.

The bathrooms were all very spa like.  I really liked the shape of this faucet.

This bath is so inviting.  Loved the big windows and the view, although there was a walking path below so the blinds would come in handy. As you can see we have had more snow.

This is the bottom view of the walk in closet.  It is bigger than some bedrooms.  Many of the closets and dressers had that shiny plastic look.  It was very modern.

This is the main bedroom.  You can see a projector mounted on the ceiling.  It projects television onto the blind which acts as a scene.  I didn't like the look of this electronics but if a person was a big television or movie fan I guess it would be worth it.

This is an upstairs bonus family room.  It looked out onto a balcony.  I really think this place needs a bit of colour!

A cute girl's bedroom...

and my favourite room of the house the boy's bedroom.  It might just be speaking to me because it actually has some colour in it!  I love how the cushions act as blocks of colour.

I love the skateboards on the wall.

Loved this desk, not that most kids actually sit at a desk to do their homework. ;)

There was a really big gym.

This was a spot for gaming.  Another one sat opposite. I should have counted how many televisions were in this house.

I really liked the furniture in this downstairs bedroom.  Maybe low sitting beds are coming back. We always laugh and say that if we fell off our bed we would break a hip!  I like how the bed side tables are attached to the headboard.

This is the downstairs sitting area.  It houses the third dishwasher in the house.  Rob and I love how they mixed the fabric patterns in this sectional.

And the last stop on the tour is my very favourite part of this crazy, big and excessive house.  It's a little closet under the stairs for kids to play in!  Rob said that he thought it was illegal to lock your kids in a closet.  LOL

I crawled in to take a peek.  My girls would have loved this!

So if you are still with me... thanks for coming along.  After leaving this house I had the same thoughts that I always have after viewing lottery homes, who lives in these houses and more importantly, who gets stuck cleaning these houses?  We didn't buy a ticket this time around so I guess I don't need to give it another thought.  LOL

Hope you all had a fun Saturday.  It's time to watch some Dexter and work on a scarf that I am knitting.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

What to Do

It hasn't been one of those awesome falls,  in my neck of the woods.  You know the ones where the sun is shining that low golden light.  The ones where afternoons are warm and evenings are crisp.  The ones where there is that good dried leaf smell in the air and you crave to be out walking just to hear the leaves crunching under your feet. No it hasn't.

It looks like this out my front door.  Yes that is snow sitting on my pumpkin.

It looks like this out my back door.  Soggy leaves mixed in with snow.

Yes, it has been a somewhat bleak fall this year.  The skies are grey, the wind is chilly and it feels good to be inside.

So on this afternoon I have lit some candles.

I'm spending some time with my favourite magazine  (It's from The Netherlands so it takes a while to hit the Canadian shelves.) and some sleeping dogs.  I think it's almost time to boil some water for tea time.

Hope that your afternoon is enjoyable too.


Monday, October 10, 2016

98 Pieces of Paper in a Bag....

...98 pieces of paper.  You take one out, admire it, think of ways to use it, try not to drool on it,  97 pieces of paper in a bag.  I finally played along with Treasured Memories Sale Paper Blow-Out.  It goes like this.  You are given a paper bag.  For $25 you try to fit as many pieces of paper into the bag without ripping it.  The more paper you stuff in, the cheaper the cost of the paper.  I always shied away for this sale because I am a "package impaired" person.  I can rip a paper bag putting 3 pieces of paper into it.  But, no worries with this sale.  If you were to rip the bag early on, you just take another bag and try again.  It is the perfect time for this sale since there is some amazing paper in the sale bins now that the new lines are all coming into the store in the past month.

It took me about an hour to carefully go through each bin looking for my favourites.  K.C gave me some pointers... get the papers into a neat pile and once you get your first stack in the bag, place new stacks into the middle of the stack.  I thought I was done at one point but K.C. estimated that I could probably fit another 20 sheets in.  So back I went and sure enough I stuffed a bunch more in.  Here's how full it looked!

When I got home I finally got to rip that bag open and start counting.  98 pieces of paper is quite the deal.  Just a smidgen over 25 cents a sheet!  Score!  Rob had estimated 80 sheets and K.C. estimated 103 sheets, so K.C wins!  LOL

I have sorted them by manufacturer line.  Tomorrow when Susan comes over, we are going to mix them all up and make up some paper kits.  Patterned paper is my all time favourite scrappy supply.  There is so much that you can cut up, cut out and create for LO's with just paper alone.

Wishing all of my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving.


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Creative Scrappers #299

I'm playing along with Creative Scrappers this month.  This was created last Crafty Tuesday when Susan was over.  I used the October kit from Treasured Memories.  It has an awesome Autumn theme.  Here's Thomas with his Halloween gift that we sent him.  He made us a video of him opening it and it was almost like being there.  :)

Here is this month's sketch from Kristine.

In keeping with Autumn, Susan baked up some ginger snaps!  They were so tasty with tea during tea time.  It was a great day.

Thanks for popping in.


Friday, October 7, 2016

When Did Scrapbooking Become an Extreme Sport?

So last night I was at my desk merrily scrapping away.  I'm designing the LO's for the November kit at Treasured Memories.  It is my favourite thing to do.  I love the challenge of taking a set amount of supplies and creating with every last scrap to highlight the awesomeness of these kits.  I become a hermit and scrap until the kit is done.  Well that all changed when I sliced into my fingertip with my X-Acto knife.  I had a feeling it might be a bit deep and brought the chunk of skin upstairs to show Rob and get some first aid.  An hour later and it still wouldn't stop bleeding and my finger felt like it had a heart beat so off to the hospital we went.  It was too shallow to stitch so they cauterized it and put some kind of special bandage on it.  Now I look like this.  :(

I have to go back tomorrow for a dressing change and am hoping that I come away with a little bandage that is more accommodating for scrapping.  It's my left hand so I probably could still scrap with it but for now I've just put it aside.  I think it is the first time that I have walked away from an unfinished page and it is killing me!  LOL All of the awesomeness is awaiting me.   I'm on the third page of eight.   Oh and there is the weapon just sitting there looking so innocent.

So I'm thinking of changing my cutting tool of choice.  I've cut my finger in the exact same spot before only not as much and I know it is just a matter of time before the blade jumps the quilting square again.  Susan's quilting days make a rotary cutter the perfect choice for her but I find them awkward.  I'd love to know what you all are using as a cutting tool and would welcome any suggestions.  Maybe some safely scissors like we used in kindergarten would be a good fit for me. ;)  Here's hoping I'll be back at my desk tomorrow.  Did I mention how great the November kit is?  ;)

I'll leave you with a photo of a little guy who is expecting a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight.  It was 25c in Montreal today so she will have an easy flight.  Yeah, it is snowing here.

The actual tooth was lost but the teacher sent home a note to the Tooth Fairy.  So sweet.  He was given this tooth holder....

and replaced the tooth with a rock.  It works!  LOL  These stories are golden!

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