Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Gift from the Heart

Well another Christmas has come and gone. Our families seemed happy with the festivities, the girls and their boyfriends seemed to be having a good time and the pups always had someone by their side to pet them! Rob and I are happy to have the house back in order and to sit back and relax! LOL When you are hosting, you really don't spend any time together enjoying the day.

I wanted to share with you a gift that I received from my sister, Susan. Susan found a pattern on the internet and made me this awesome cover for my Cricut!! How lucky am I?!? I always think that hand made gifts are the best. They come from the heart! Susan has always been so talented with sewing and quilting. I have treasured the many hand crafted gifts that she has made my family throughout the years. Check out the applique work! The Cricut is looking pretty snazzy!

Today I decided to check into the LSS to see if the new BG "Origins" had come in and yes it had!!! Very exciting, as I have been looking forward to this line for over a month. Unfortunately, they only got in a few items in the line so tomorrow I will check out some stores in the city to see if I can find some of the other items that I am wanting to use. Pearl described this line as having an "organic" feel to it and I thought that she described it perfectly. I have two photos already, that I am hoping to scrap with this line.

This week I plan on getting back into "the studio" (hee hee) and doing some serious scrapping! I am doing Project 365 for 2010 and am very excited to get started on it. I will explain the details of this in my next post!

Happy Scrapping! :) Jen

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  1. What an AWESOME gift!!! :D :D :D Oh! And you've reminded me that I need to go see if my LSS has some Origins! ;) Happy Scrapping! And Happy New Year to you!


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