Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Project 365 & "Origins"

Well, the new year is almost upon us and with this begins Project 365. My goal is to take one photograph each day! Susan is also doing this project so we have set up some guide lines. We are both very inspired by the style of Frauke, who often posts on 52 Sketches 52 Weeks. We have decided to design our LO's after her style. Each week will have a double LO. Each LO will be done on white card stock. My LO's will all be done using, paper, ink and stitching. There will be no lumpy embellishments! LOL This will be quite the challenge for me. So, each LO will lay perfectly flat. It will be so interesting to be able to look back on this pictorial diary of 2010 in years to come. My goal to to try to document the everyday moments of life.

Yesterday I picked up the rest of the BG "Origins" products that I was wanting, so today I scrapped the day away! I know that I will scrap and scrap until I use it all up, getting as many LO's as possible out of the stash! This line is totally amazing and I am loving every minute of working with it.

I was really happy to have this photo of Diane! First of all, she is not pulling a goofy face! This is rare. She must get this behaviour from her father! Secondly, I was thrilled to have the black elements in this photo. It was just perfect for some of the papers that had black in their designs. I used Trisha's awesome sketch #104 from Sketch Inspirations. I love her sketches and am totally enjoying this warm community.

I will have more LO's to share using "Origins" in my next post!

Happy Scrapping! Jen :)


  1. this is going to be an exciting new year's resolution for us to follow -glad you're blogging it

  2. woo to the hoo ! you've started blogging & finally too if I may say so ! bet you're wondering why you haven't done so earlier !

    Hey - The Scrappiest - a layout sketch team I'm on is having a DT call - I really hope you give it a shot - I think you'll be just great ! & I can have you as a team matey ! lol



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