Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No More Shaggy Maggie

Well, Maggie is back from the groomers and she is looking great and smelling much better too!! ;) She was a few weeks late with her grooming due to surgery in December. We had to wait for the incision to fully heal. Gus had a great day pretending that he was "an only dog"! Yes, I am a SAHM to two little furry beasts!!

I always feel compelled to take pictures when the pups have just been groomed. However, other than the colour of the bandana changing, the photo is pretty much the same... a pooped dog on the sofa! LOL I had to sound all excited to get her to drag her head up from the sofa cushion. Didn't want yet another floating dog head photo!

I completed my LO for this week's sketch #106 for Sketch Inspiration. I enjoyed this sketch of Trisha's but it was bit of a challenge. Lots of layering. I really should have used a smaller photo. So much of my border is covered. :( Trust me, under that photo is a wonderful piece of scrappy goodness!! LOL

I'm feeling that I am in a creative slump! Feels like my LO's are looking too similar. I spent some time looking at mags for some inspiration. Well, it hasn't hit me yet! Maybe tomorrow?

Happy Scrapping!! Jen


  1. It may feel like a slump, but you have a very recognizable style and that is a good thing - I love how you put so many pieces together and it looks balanced. Little Maggie looks pretty -our dogs got to go to the dog park this weekend and they were very happy indeed.

  2. It may feel like a creative slump, but sometimes I think it's more like we get comfortable with a certain style of scrapping. I think it's a lot like finding our niche and sticking with it. I'm sure the creative bug will hit you again soon!

  3. Maggie looks so pretty indeed after the grooming ! I dont have pets so I usually try to do a self portrait after a good visit to my hairdresser's . lol

    Love how you've put the G45 to great use for this layout , Jenn !
    I am actually easily bored with things scrappy these days - but kinda suspect that's due to a self imposed stash diet . Which is always crazy due to the amount of stash we have already !

  4. It doesn't look like a slump to me! Your layouts are gorgeous. But if you're feeling that way, I'm sure it's nothing a little retail therapy can't fix! :) Happy Scrapping!


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