Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Perfect Winter Day

Today was one of those beautiful January winter days that just calls you to come out and play! It sure beats the bitterly cold days that beg you to stay in, get your jammies on and have some tea! Rob and I took the pups for a walk around our neighbourhood lake, which I refer to as, "the slough". I have been corrected on my use of this word as it does have the feeling of something being run down. Our slough is awesome, but who are we kidding, it is not a lake!! Personally, I think that to even call it a pond would be a stretch! So we had the camera with us and were both taking turns snapping pictures of our winter surroundings. There were kids playing hockey, parents shoveling the ice, families tobogganing, babies being pulled in sleds and even a beautiful dog wearing very warm looking booties! On days like this I am a proud Canadian who feels fortunate to get to enjoy this season! I got some great photos for my "Winter" album.
Here is my best shot. Love the blurred background and the colour of the berries.

Here is Rob's best shot. Okay, I have to admit that he does take better photographs than me! He did also go off the foot bridge into a pile of snow and was down in the snow to get the shot through the dry foliage. I guess I'm just not that dedicated to my photography. I didn't want to get my jeans dirty! LOL Plus, why do it when I have a wonderful husband that will! ;) I love the sharpness of the foliage against the blurred background with the kids playing hockey! I also love how the sky looks. I usually don't like houses showing in these photos but I saw this as nature meets suburbia!

One LO to share today. This is based on a sketch by Julie Bonner. For anyone who is looking for inspiration, head on over and you won't be disappointed. I used Eskimo Kisses by BG. I love these papers but find them really challenging to use. This is my little brother in 1973. It will sit next to a LO that I did of me and Susan at Christmas in 1964. I wanted the paper lines to match. Anyway, I am really happy with the end result even if it wasn't my most relaxing scrapping experience. :(

I am determined to get the first LO for Project 365 done early this week. I am dragging my heels on it because I'm not quite sure what I will do with it. I'm scared!!! LOL

Happy Scrapping! Jen :)

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  1. oh Jen, I love those two shots of the wintery lake/slough....our photography involved pictures of Ken's motorcycle that he wants to sell so he can buy a new one - the neighbour's must have wondered when the bike started up...


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