Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project 365 & Some Ugliness

I am finally caught up on Project 365 again! I hate to get too far behind on it because these LO's are not the most creative and are somewhat challenging. It is a bit hard to find sketches that will work with that many photos of varying sizes. I also like to keep the pictures in the order of the days of the weeks. This does not always happen. I feel that if I got too far behind on this project, it would be quite the chore to get caught up.

Here are the LO's for Week 5. I have been in a BG kind of mood (shocking) and so I used Nook and Pantry here. These LO's were not based on a specific sketch but, I did base them on two different LO's that I found on Jana's blog. Take a peek! She is sooo amazing!! So I looked at these two LO's of Jana's and just tweeked a few things to make them work for my photos. Jana is one of my scrapping mentors!

For Week 6, I used some Urban Prairie. Such a fun spring feeling to this line! I used some sketches by Helen Croft for these. Helen has a sketch blog also! You can find it here. I used sketches #1 and #10.

Now onto some ugly business!! LOL Aphra is holding a contest for the chance to win March's kit at her new kit company The Paper Poppy! All you have to do is post a link to your ugliest LO. This is not a random draw but will be judged instead! What fun!! I went looking at some of my old albums last night and here is what I found.

This first LO is of our cat, Emma. Emma is long gone now but was the nicest little feline a person could ever hope for. Keep in mind that all these ugly LO's were done in 1999 or possibly 2000 when the industry was new and there was very limited supplies. Most pages were done in 8.5 x 11 too. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;) I love the way I have the tiny photo of Emma mounted on that huge cartoon cat! I also love how I did my "fancy" lettering with the dots. Yuck!! It was so in back then with such a country vibe!!

This LO is of Sam, who is also long gone. Not as friendly as Emma was and had a history of climbing onto the roof top of our apartment building, catching bats and then bringing them into the apartment as a gift for me! You never saw an 8 month pregnant woman roll off a sofa and run to the bathroom for cover as quickly as I did that night! I left Rob to deal with the flying bat! It was after that event that we bought a little shovel that we named, "the bat shovel". Rob would run around the apartment trying to get the bat to fly to the patio door. I don't know why we just didn't keep the patio screen shut??? Oh to be young and foolish. Anyway, back to the LO. Just love this mat! It is almost like a Where's Waldo to find the actual photo! Love that yellow die cut too with the punched out eyeball!

Now here is Toby! He too is no longer with us. :( Sweetest dog!! I love how I have cropped around his actual image to make it look like he is actually standing in that cartoon dog house! That was some pretty fussy cutting around some spots if you get my drift. ;) I have the purple mat (cut with my fancy edge scissors) so his white fur would not blend into the white background. I also love those heart shaped paws on the dog dish! What was I thinking? Oh, and the doodling of the ball rolling into the LO!! Lovely!!

This LO just makes me sad. Don't get me wrong, my wedding day was one of the best days of my life, but look at what I did to that photograph!! Would you want this LO in your wedding album??? This is pretty much how my album looks. :( I love how I have decided to once again trim around our bodies but I have the section of curtain showing in the background. Did I do that because I didn't have a proper cutting edge??? Oh and the floating minimal embellishments. Not to mention that the next page in the album is glued to the opposite side of the same piece of card stock!! So sad. The trimmed edge of the LO, once again cut with my fancy scissors, really ads an elegant feel! NOT!! (No laughing at my cowboy hat veil! It was the 80's and I live in Western Canada. Well okay, you can laugh! :) My DD's still bug me!! )

So this trip back to my early work leaves me to ponder. Am I just totally wreaking all my life's photographs? My girls' baby books look pretty much the same. :( I try to realize that this is what scrapping was a decade or so ago and be thankful that the events and dates and memories are recorded. But when I think of wedding photos or my precious baby photos it makes me feel sad. Then I started thinking..... in 2020 what will we think when we see bingo cards on LO's. What does bingo have to do with a page about love???? What will we think of the buttons and brads and large flowers that dominate pages. Where is the vase to put those flowers in??? Will our adhesives stand the test of time?? Susan and I have visions of us sitting in the old folks home trying to reattach our embellishments that are sitting at the bottom of our page protectors and not being able to remember where they went originally!! But, we sure think that these pages rock right now!! But... I thought these last 4 LO's were awesome back when I created them! LOL I'm thinking that I may be cracking open that huge box of negatives that I have hiding up in my closet and having some prints redone! Scary thought and possibly costly too. At least we now have digital!

So I would love some feedback on which of the four LO's is the ugliest to you! I still have some time before I have to post a link to Aphra for the contest. If you want to have a good laugh, visit Teri's blog here. Her commentary of her two ugliest LO's is hilarious!! This girl should be writing comedy!! Head on over to The Paper Poppy Kit Company and play along too!! There are still days left of giveaways!

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. I hope you don't take offense to this, but in my opinion, the last one is the ugliest. lol. There's like three embellishments in random places. lol. Just makes me laugh! :) I'm sure it was awesome back then, though!
    Your LO's rock, though! So I'm not trying to be offensive.

  2. Hey, Jennifer! First of all, I love those LOs at the top of your post! You're so ambitious to take on 365! I love it - what an inspiration! Your "ugly LOs" are so funny...your dog on the purple fancy-scissors background cracks me up! Boy, have I been there! I have often wondered as well if one day I will be upset with myself for "ruining" my photos...and I'm sure that as our tastes change, we will think so, especially in the 10 or so years following the LO's creation. But then I think about how neat it is to see the scrapbooks that our grandmothers kept, and how exciting it is to see what they thought was beautiful.

    So, basically what I'm telling you is we'll have to put them away and wait until they're vintage and therefore awesome. :)

  3. way to go for posting the oldies but goodies - i have them too - remember when the decorative sissors were your finest scrap tools?? I too wonder what I will say about my album even 5 years from now. My vote for the contest is the pix of your little dog - the floating dog dishes at the top are great. Also way to go on the project 365 -

  4. so sorry I haven't been these past days due to Chinese New Year ! what have I missed !

    1st off b4 I forget - I choose the 1st layout , Emma for your ugliest . No offences ! my very first scrapbook which was on my wedding looks much like yours too ! lol they are ugly only by today's stds ! certainly not when we created them ! woot !

  5. I love your 'ugly' LO's! I need to break out some of my older ones and show you....OMGoodness you will laugh! I think it's good to look back at what we have previously created, and I too think about what I will think of my LO's I create me they are pretty cool, but in another 10 years will I HATE them?! Will they be even wierder over time than they are now?! lol Hmm, I am on my way now to dig out my 'lost treasures' and create a post :)


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