Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back by Popular Demand

Hello scrappy friends. Still no LO to share, however I did take a break from cleaning today and went to visit my parents. Tomorrow is small repairs day. Well, I won't actually be doing the repairs but I will be a helpful assistant. I think??? Maybe more of a nattering wife. ;)

Due to the overwhelming response of interest and excitement in my sparkly clean kitchen, I have decided to post some photos. I'm really not sure that this will be as exciting as blogging about scrapping but, we will give it a go! ;)

Here is my kitchen in all its glory of cleanliness and organization. Trust me, it never looks like this on a day to day basis. It faces south and I broke every decorating rule in deciding to paint it a warm golden colour but, I LOVE it.

Now for the close ups!!! See, it's just like posting a LO. ;)

Here is my stove. I actually used proper stove top cleaner on the top. Haven't done that for a while. You know when you haven't used the ketchup bottle for some time and then if you forget to shake it, you get that liquid that comes out first.... yeah, that happened with my cleaner. :( Notice the tea towel all fancy folded? If I can paper pleat a border, I can do this!

Oh, more decorative towels! :)

Here is my little counter top display. That hot plate is my way of telling prospective buyers that I care enough about my counter tops to never place hot pots on them. I think the black really anchors the look. (hee hee)

Here is my fridge minus it's usual array of tacky retail magnets. I shoved them all to the back of the side of the fridge. ;) Don't you just love the amount of white space here?

Next is my little shelf. Such a kitchy, I mean kitcheny display. I got rid of the straggly hanging plant that was past it's prime. (Are we having fun yet?)

Here is the table top. Love the mix of the zen tealight holders with the earthy place mats. (Okay, this really is not as much fun as sharing a LO!! )

Last is my favourite corner. Don't you love how the label of the dishwashing liquid matches the colour of the hand soap? They sit so nicely on the little black tray. I think that Martha would approve and I will not be at all surprised if I get a call from the Good Housekeeping reward team, letting me know that I will be receiving a prize! LOL Notice the shine on the wooden window ledge? I was feeling like a pioneer woman as I lovingly buffed it to a shine with lemon oil!

Yes, every inch of this kitchen has been cleaned to a shine. Thanks for taking this tour through my kitchen and if this post has anyone feeling that they may want to start spring cleaning their kitchen, run, run away!! Run as fast as you can to your scrappy area. Begin working on a wonderful scrappy project and forget about this silly thought of being in the kitchen. It really is not much fun at all!! :(

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Awww you rock!
    I LOVE the color you painted!! Couldn't do the white cupboards myself but it seriously looks awesome - Id say its about as good as any of your layouts ;)

    Kitchens make me happy - probably because mine is 1/2 reno'd.. we are living with temporary countertops and I like to pretend I don't see them.. lol

    Have fun fixing tomorrow!

  2. Jen, I love your kitchen! Ohhh how I wish mine was that clean! LOL Thank you so much for posting about this - it was fun to read! You've done an awesome job of making it a warm and welcoming place. Makes me wish I could pop over for coffee! LOL I have never hear the rule about yellow paint in a south-facing room, but I think waking up to that colour in our long, dreary winters would be such a joy! I'm sure that prospective buyers are going to be in awe with that sparkle. :) Great work! Good luck with your repairs tomorrow! :) Luckily cleaning is sort of a no-brainer thing, so I bet you've been thinking about all the scrappy stuff you're going to get to over the next week! :) Have a great Sunday! :) (PS: it is NONE of my business...but I am ITCHING to know if you're going to do the guest post at PP! LOL)

  3. totally awesome , Jenn ! looks absolutely like new to me ! well worth the effort in view of putting up the house for showing - & yeah ! my fave household chore is scrappin' so unless I need to do the same as you do -- I'd rather have someone else clean up my house ! ( it's quite affordable in general in Sunny Spore here )

  4. Wow! There is some serious sparkle in there! Well done!

  5. Your kitchen is gorgeous! So clean and sparkly. Love the white, magnet-free fridge. :)
    Yellow just so happens to be my favorite color. So you can imagine that I love the kitchen. hehe.

    Thanks so much for the kind post on my blog.


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