Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Day Full of Surprises

Yesterday was one of those days! This is the beautiful gift that my scrappy friend, Terry, made for me. Terry knows how I do love my feathered friends, so she made me this frame to put a photo in. I used a picture of a Cedar Waxwing that was in our yard last summer. Such a beautiful gift! :) I just love those fancy flowers and the bird is shiny and has sparkle! It even matches the pink colours in my studio!! Yay!! :) Thank you Terry!!

Here is what I think will be my last LO using "Origins". I am really down to scraps now, but who knows, I may be able to squeeze just one more out of the line. This is Diane's boyfriend, Jeff. I love this picture of him! He hates it when I photograph him and if you ever notice him in my Project 365 pages, he is usually the one running out of the picture or wearing the dinner napkin over his face at the supper table. He does allow me one good picture on Christmas day and his birthday, so I am grateful for that! :)

I used Sketch #116 at Sketch Inspiration.

The circle was cut from a piece of corrugated. Amy has a great tutorial up at Sketch Inspiration on how to remove the cardboard to get to the good stuff inside. You just soak it with a wet paper towel for about 10 or 20 seconds and it peels right away. I had a bit of a glue residue so I just wiped it with a damp cloth and then blow dried my piece. I weaved twine through the edges to give it an earthy look. I am trying to find new ways to present the circle element in sketches.

I used lots of chipboard to go with the clunky kind of vibe of this. I went willy nilly with the glimmer mist!! Well, as random as I can get with such things! ;) I love the contrast of the glimmer with the distressed look and corrugated. It all comes back to liberating myself to mix buttons and gems!! ;)

The biggest surprise of the day came when I got a phone call telling me that our condo which was slated to be ready in late August/ early September is ahead of schedule. It will now be ready in early June/ late June!! What???? This never happens in Alberta!! The availability of trades as well as a very mild winter has moved this along very quickly. Needless to say, we are in a panic to get this house sold and quick. So, today begins the first of many cleaning/ organizing days to prepare for showing. I have to get all "Martha Stewart" which is definitely going to cut into scrappy time! Booooo!! :( I still plan on packing the studio last because I'm sure I will still squeeze in scrappy time. Hopefully it will sell quick so I can go back to living a normal life aka scrapping the days away! LOL

On a sad note, we have been forced to postpone our trip to Montreal in early May, until the Fall. :( I was so looking forward to seeing my siblings and their families and getting to meet little Thomas. Thankfully, Susan is coming West for a visit in July, so we will still see each other relatively soon. Fall is a wonderful season in the East and has amazing foliage that we don't get out in the West. This will be a positive of the change in plans.

Well, it's time to get to cleaning. Yuck! :( Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Jen, I absolutely LOVE this LO!! The corrugated circle turned out great with the twine around the edge! I will definitely be copying this idea somewhere down the road! Love the misting and all the bits of distressing, the different punched edges and, of course, all the little details of embellishing that you always add. Fantastic!

  2. Love what you did with the cardboard! Great idea!

  3. o my ! such a fab take on the sketch ! & I am totally amazed you still have any BG origins left ! You really use it sooo well !!!

    what a coupla of surprises for you ! I hope that being able to move in earlier to your new pad will work out great in the end ! ;)

  4. great layout of Jeff - the paper choice was perfect. glad you like your frame and how exciting that your move got bumped up -except for the having to pack up part. cheers

  5. Hi, Jen! Love these - especially the stitching around that corrugated circle! This LO proves that you are definitely mastering the bling/distress combo like a pro!

    Speaking of LOs that I LOVE, I think I may have forgotten to congratulate you for being featured over at Paper Poppy! You definitely deserved it!! I just saw your LO over there again and couldn't remember if I told you just how happy I was for you. :)

    I am super excited that my kit is here and my fingers are warm enough to use it...but now I can't make myself cut into it! LOL I have to do a little planning first, I think. Some Easter cards for my niece and nephew will need to be incorporated, I think. :) Have a great Thursday!! :)

  6. Fab details and colours in the Origins layout! love.

  7. Jen, that story about your daughter cracked me up! It could be that this was part of my problem with finding photos tonight. Luckily it was only one drink, so the effect wore off fast! No headaches for me! LOL! I am definitely planning to get in on the next PP kit. What a sweetie she is to send them out earlier! I love the colour palette of this one...I KNOW I have photos for that one! LOL! :) Have a great day tomorrow! :)


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