Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Greetings from the "Studio"

I have been on a total tangent these past two days reorganizing what I like to call, my "studio". Yeah, it makes me feel like an artist.;) It all started when I found this gem at HomeSense for $20!!!! Then it snowballed from there. I have to warn you that this is going to be a long post. This tour will be somewhat detailed as this is the only way I can show my sister, Susan, what I have done. So, feel free to leave if at any time you start to feel really bored! LOL

I decided to go with a black, white and pink colour theme. It is looking pretty bright with my purple walls but we are moving at the end of this summer, so my colour decision is based more on my next studio. The walls will be a very neutral colour. The space will be smaller. I ended up getting a great sale at Michael's for most of my stuff. Can't complain about 40% off.

Here is a glimpse of some of my old storage system that will be donated to charity. Yeah, it was a bit eclectic to say the least. That silver storage unit was painted and decorated by Diane back when she was a teenager. There are also some dollar shop finds too. ;)

Here is my cutting table. Susan made me the awesome Cricut cover at Christmas! These paper storage boxes hold some of my themed paper.

This shelf was supposed to be a shoe rack for the next place but I took it instead! The top boxes hold my Cricut cartridges and some knitting supplies. I have a hanging shoe rack on the back of my door in the same pattern as the left box. I forgot to take a picture of it, probably because it was behind the door. :) Yes, those are toilet paper rolls in that one clear box. One day all my family members will be receiving toilet paper albums! Lucky them. ;) There is also a supply of Starbucks coffee holders. Allison Cope made the cutest little album out of them once. She showed it on her blog. The pink container holds all my supplies to scrap my new nephew, Thomas. The black case holds handmade cards.

Here are my mini albums, magazines, sketch binders and a knitting binder. Since I couldn't find pink binders at Staples, I bought white ones that have that little plastic cover that you can put paper in. I then went to the LSS and bought some sheets from the MME Quite Contrary line. I found the little labels at HomeSense! It was like the decorating angels were looking down on me!!

My Canadian Scrapbooker magazines. I have thinned out my magazine collection in preparation for our move.

Oh, and here is the beauty that started this crazy project. I have brads on the top shelf. I was even able to force myself to mix my BG glazed brads. I tend to be somewhat OCD when it comes to embellishments. The little drawer holds all my Jenni Bowlin embellishments. They get preferential treatment.

The black container holds a variety of embellishments. The unit with three drawers holds tags and then I have my basket of letters.

I put more MME paper in these Ikea shadow boxes that used to have crafty postcards in them. Yes, they were very colourful too. Then I have my "artsy" self portrait. Me pretending to be a good photographer!! ;) The letter "J" was found in the bargain center at Michael's for $4!

This is my favourite part of the studio. This is what I will miss most when we move. I have been keeping my eye out for another one to put up in my new studio, but so far I have not found one. :( I have yet to see one that I like as much. I love sayings that remind us to live in the now and appreciate the good in every day.

This was a $3 find at HomeSense. It was those decorating angels helping me out again! I used to have a purple Eyore mug.

Here was the find of the project!!! The latest edition of Canadian Scrapooker showed one in red. I walked into Staples for my binders and it was sitting on a table near the entrance!! I'm not even a shoe person but it is just soooo cute and girly. I bought one for Diane to put on her desk at work! I may pick one up for Lisa, to put away until she has her "big girl job". Both my DD' s love shoes!! They didn't get that from me. Shoes just cut into the scrapping budget!! LOL

I finally have a proper spot to hold my needles and floss. I am forever losing them under a stack of supplies. Talk about a needle in a haystack.

Some baskets of embellishments. The black stand is a letter holder but it holds my rub-ons very well. I find that if they are not in sight, I forget to use them. There is even a basket for gems and bling. Pearl, if you are still reading, I know this will make you very proud!! Hee Hee

Here is the biggest change. I found these amazing 12x12 inch file folders at Michael's. I have finally gotten rid of all my paper bags that held my papers by manufacturer. I even went through my stash of bargain paper and assembled my own kits of matching papers. Maybe now I will actually use some of these wonderful papers. The silver holder is actually a spice rack that I found at Costco last fall. It holds the coveted BG buttons and brads. ;) The boxes hold photos to be scrapped and chipboard.

The top shelf holds buttons and flowers. I have finally gotten rid of all containers that were not see through. It was getting time consuming to go through so many tins looking for a specific line of buttons. Although, I do like the look of tins over the look of plastic function is a must. This shelf was once Lisa's and held her Mary Moo Cow collection. The dresser was Lisa's as a child also.

Well, that ends the tour of the studio! Is anyone, other than Susan, still with me??? LOL I may be repeating this tour next fall when we get to the new place. Oh, here is something to think about. A realization, if you will. You know that you're addicted to scrapbooking when you go to the showhome to stand and gaze at the dimensions of your next studio, trying to envision it. As you are leaving, you realize that it might be a good idea to check out the kitchen space for cupboard storage and overall functionibility. Can you guess which room I would rather spend time in? Lastly, you know your a total scrapping crazy woman when you have plans to pack all the good china for the movers to move, but plan on driving your stash to the new place yourself, for fear that the movers may wrinkle your best paper. Keep in mind our new place is about a 3 minute drive away. How much damage could become of my paper??? Still, it is not a risk that I am willing to take! LOL

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. I must admit I sort of skimmed over the end because it's late, my son barely slept last night and Im sitting here like a zombie drooling over your lovely new scrap organization (and the goodies in them)! Anyway, I wanted to mention in regards to the quote you have on your wall.. check out Etsy, there are some awesome quotes on there or you could just have someone do the same quote you have now since you love it so much!
    Anyway, gorgeous "studio"!

  2. Thanks so much for the tour Jen!! I love it all! You know how much of an organization freak I am - not only does everything look very functional, but it's all so pretty too! That pink shoe is just great! Really nice job you did over the past two days. I hope you're able to find your quote somewhere.

  3. LOVE your space! We have the same color scheme and I will now comb every Staples to the Mason Dixon Line to find that shoe!!

    I wanted to add that I call my space a studio too, and it is actually a fancied-up garage is all about perception...LOL!

  4. It looks great, Jen! I love the organizational scheme that you've chosen, especially how you've grouped your generic papers. That's so brilliant! I am very inspired - and I definitely need to get organized before I can actually get to scrapping. It looks like my drawers and closet threw up all over my scrap room! Partly, it's because I find it difficult to pick an organizational framework and stick with it. I'm hoping our trip to Edmonton - and IKEA! - next week will help! :) Have a great weekend!

  5. how beautifully organized you are , Jenn ! fabulous job !!!loveee that shoe tape holder !!! sexy !!!;)

    You would have been soo happy at our LSS this week ! I did not have room to take home any of the 2 new BG lines so I felt very good buying some embellies ! lol !

  6. LOVE that shoe tape dispenser!!! I love all your storage for your scrappy goodies!! And, I am just like you.. I can walk in model homes and envision scrappy rooms!!! LOL It's bad!!


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