Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I finally sat down and made some cards last night. I have used up pretty much every usable scrap of my kit prize from the Paper Poppy Kit Co. Aphra posted some great card sketches on the site, so I gave them a go. There is just something wonderful about a handmade card, even if it does mean a trip to the post office to have it weighed before mailing. :( If only I could stay away from all things lumpy.) I do have to say that I think that the Canadian Postal Service is far too picky about posting cards. Not only will they measure it to see if it is too large and weigh it to see if it is too heavy but, then they actually try to slide it through this little plastic gizmo that has a slot and if it doesn't go through, they charge extra. They must spend more on manpower to run these tests and render these important decisions than they make on the extra postage! Well, enough of my rant. I do tend to talk too much about postal business on my blog. ;) I'll make a conscious effort to stop this.

Here are the cards. The first card is not based on a sketch.

I hope that everyone is having a great week. Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Those cards are all so pretty, Jen. I especially like the last one. :-)

  2. These are gorgeous, Jen! I especially love the handmade flower on the "cherry" card! :)

    I hear you about Canada Post! When I sent this tiny little booklet [http://pursuitofscrappyness.blogspot.com/2010/02/little-somethin-somethin.html] to my sister up North, it cost me more than $15 because the coil didn't fit through that stupid slot! The thing only weighed 6oz or something.

    I'm practicing deep breathing techniques as I wait for my kit to arrive! I am trying to be patient!! :)

  3. Oh, I love these Jenn! More amazing flowers! That paper bag is going a long way, hun?

  4. Cute, cute cards Jenn!! So, do you have anything else...just wondering? You have totally rocked that kit girl!


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