Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Sweet Baby & Two Bird Dogs

Last night I scrapped a LO for Thomas's album! This is my brother, Andrew and his wife, Chantal and little Thomas, of course. It is the first time that I have done pictures in sepia tone and was so happy with the result of scrapping them with this vintage Graphic 45 line. This little face just makes me smile. He is such a sweetie and the best looking newborn I have ever seen. I know my girls sure didn't look that good at birth! (hee hee) They both had that squished somewhat alien look to them. LOL

I used a sketch from Jana's Sketch Blog. I am loving that Jana provides sketches to all her amazing LO's!

I love this Prima flower. It is made of a very soft, thickly woven cotton material. It just seemed perfect for baby LO's.

I did machine stitching and hand stitching to add to that baby feel. The ticket and journaling spot are from the MME Quite Contrary line and the little ticket is from Jenni Bowlin.

This little Jenni Bowlin ticket leads me to my sad scrapping incident of last night. My pups, Gus and Maggie love to join me in the "studio". Gus brings me toys to throw as I try to work and Maggie comes in and out, as she often likes to go upstairs and get into some good trouble. They also both LOVE to eat paper!!! Kleenex tissues, Bounce dryer sheets and of course, scrapping scraps! According to Cesar Milan, this is very common of bird dogs, as the feeling of something light weight in their mouths is similar to that of a bird. Well, I'm not sure if my dogs are bird dogs, but I will cling to any theory that gives them the benefit of the doubt. Gus may be, as he is part poodle and I read that Standard Poodles were at one time hunting dogs who would retrieve water fowl. Okay Gus, I'm really stretching it to include you in this noble pack of dogs. I'm not sure what Maggie's excuse is because we don't even really know what she is. She is supposed to be pure Bichon but has the dimensions of a cartoon character dog with a very large head and very short legs.

Back to the incident. So, often when I am scrapping, they circle below me like land sharks, just waiting for a scrap of paper to fall, so they can chew on it, I mean fulfill their deep rooted doggie purpose in life. I have given up trying to get them to stop eating scraps although, picking up the sections of chewed paper is tiresome. The sad thing is when something GOOD falls to the floor without me knowing it! Last night it was my little bundle of jute tied Jenni Bowlin tickets, baby themed bought especially to use in Thomas's album. Yes, you know the ones that sell for about $5!!! Such a rip off when you can get a roll of 500 at the dollar store for a loonie but, the amazing graphics on them make them worth every penny!! So, they chewed through one side of the bundle. This was beyond a distressed look, so in the trash they went! :(
It has been a few months since our last incident of the chewing of the die cut tree embellishment. I had planned a whole page, title and sketch included around this adorable little die cut. When I went to find it on my desk I found it chewed and missing half it's trunk on my floor. :( Oh well, I guess I should be thankful that they don't eat buttons or brads. Those I very much covet, not to mention the vet bills that could be a part of this habit.

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Well.. the LO is darling and I LOVE the soft colors and stitching but the doggies.. oh my goodness!
    Im glad my dog only eats socks and toilet paper rolls or it'd be to the curb with her lol.

  2. Jen, that LO is gorgeous. I love that you used sepia-tone pictures. They have such a warm, loving look to them, somehow. And they go great with your G45! The stitching is AWESOME! I must get into hand-stitching as well...but I'm not sure I am patient enough! LOL! Is this for a book for him, or is it for your own book?

    My dog does the paper-chewing thing as well - mostly just Kleenex. The grossest part is when she actually swallows it. :( When we're sick around here and there's Kleenex to be found, we have to watch her like a hawk. She's a miniature dachshund so unfortunately, she's got no excuse! LOL! So glad to hear that you are going to see John Mayer! I can't wait. I am a huge fan, even if he is a jerk in real life. I figure, what brilliant mind doesn't have its eccentricities, right? Can't wait to hear what you thought of the show!

  3. Very nice LO! But, sorry to hear about the loss of the Jenni Bowlin tickets. :-(

  4. Beautiful layout. Love the soft colors and all the details. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Gorgeous layout Jen! Sorry about your chewed up tickets. You really make me laugh when you tell a story though. :)

  6. really pretty LO... I love all the stitching... sooo pretty... I wish my stitching would come out like that lol... sorry to hear about your tickets... at least on of them made it on a LO!! :)

  7. really love the soft colors here & all the yummy goodies you've used ! way to go using up the Primas + G45 pps here !

    I am glad that your doggies aren't into brads & buttons too ! tee hee !


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