Friday, March 5, 2010

An Organizing Tip & Something "Tweet"

I wanted to share this amazing organization tip. While I was reorganizing the "studio", I debated buying a special album at Michael's to store my growing collection of acrylic stamps. My current system was to just pile them into a plastic container in their original plastic packaging. It was time consuming to find what I was looking for and the packaging would start to wear down eventually. This storage album was almost $30 and would take up quite a bit of space to store it. I asked my sister, Susan, how she stored her stamps. She learned this tip from a pod cast that she subscribes to. I think the lady is out of Toronto.

All you need is old CD cases. It has to be the older ones that are nice and thick. I went through our CD's and got rid of some old country music from the 90's. Sorry Patty Loveless, wherever you are. I took out the middle section and washed them up . I placed my stamps on the left panel....

so when I close the case I can see the stamps as they would show up after being stamped.
Now they sit neatly and are easy to flip through to find what I am looking for. Susan even has small labels on the top of the cases. Thank you Susan and Toronto pod cast lady!! :) One of my scrappy goals is to make better use of these stamps.

Now onto something very "tweet"!! I am a total bird geek and think that these little creatures are just amazing. I have been watching these little Sparrows in the past weeks. They are very busy, as of late, feathering their nest! It amazes me at how many hours they spend each day doing this. I watched the same process last March but did not have my current camera with it's ability to zoom. I did get wonderful photos of the babies and feeding time. Last year's babies came in May so this nesting process goes on for almost two months. This couple is always together and there is much chirping and communication throughout the day. It is music to my ears. I find bird song one of the most relaxing sounds in life. I sometimes wonder if the little lady is telling her sweetie that he is building it wrong!! LOL

It sure is cute to watch them stuff the twigs into the house! Hopefully I will eventually have photos of the off spring to post! Yes, this scrappy blog will likely have regular bird updates! ;)

Wishing everyone a great weekend! Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Thanks for sharing that tip Jennifer! Great idea! Those birdies are so so sweet! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Jennifer, thanks so much for your advice! I think you're right - I might just need to rest up and let the creativity come later! I love your stamp filing system! I can imagine this would be awesome for those CD-case holder thingies that so many people have lying around now that they've moved to digital music. And how cute are those little birds! I agree - birdsong really is relaxing! I love spring and summer mornings for just that reason. :) I'm hoping to get a patio set of some sort so that I can sit out on the deck and drink my coffee and watch the little chickadees (or finches or whatever the little cuties are) in my backyard in the mornings! (We haven't invested yet because we just started renting here in August. I can't wait for yardsale season so I can start looking!) I'm so glad you'll be posting birdie updates! Enjoy the rest of your weekend...we head out to Edmonton tomorrow. I'm super excited! :)

  3. Some great organizing there Jen! Inspired to get a little more put together...

  4. So great! I love that idea. And the birds are adorable.

    Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! I'm definitely enjoying it so far. Sadly, I think I'm coming down with something. I just took some airborne so I hope that fights it off before it hits!

    Have a great day!


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