Thursday, March 18, 2010

Please, Please, Mr. Postman....

..... could you check and see if there's a Paper Poppy Kit for me???

Well, my scrappy world has brought me to a new low. Yes, today I was stalking our neighbourhood postal delivery lady. {sigh} I was on may way back to the house this morning, when I noticed the mail lady making a drop off to the set of mailboxes one block down. Normally, I would drive on home.... but not today.

Earlier on, I was on the Paper Poppy Kit Co. site and viewing some wonderful close ups of homemade flowers done by the DT. They were beautiful and so thrifty!! Then, I stumbled onto Beatriz's blog and saw the LO she created using an amazing printed bag that comes with the kit as part of its packaging. This has me very excited!! Seeing what people are creating with their kits is almost more than I can handle. Teri, from Northern Alberta, is going through the same torment. We have discussed the arrival of our kits, on our blogs, and wonder if they are sitting in customs. BOO!!! :( Sometimes it is hard being Canadian. We really are way up here in the North!!

Back to the stalking. So I drove on past the mail lady up to my set of mailboxes and just pulled over a little ways back, all sleuth like. I watched in my rearview mirror and saw that she was finally approaching my set of mailboxes. I kept the motor running and had my windshield blades on to get a good view. (It is snowing/raining today.) As she opened the hatchback to her car, I spotted a large container of parcels. I felt a buzz of excitement as I wondered if there sat my Paper Poppy Kit. She ignored the packages and reached for a pile of envelopes, closed down the hatchback and began quickly depositing the mail into boxes. Wow, she was fast. I never considered the planning that would go into being an efficient mail deliverer. I still had hope that she would go back for my package containing my kit. Yeah, she closed the hatchback down, but it was raining. She struck me as a caring worker who would not want to deliver soggy mail. Yes, there was still hope. Next I saw her closing the outer panels of the boxes. Is she done?? No, I told myself. There is still the special section at the end of the mailboxes that she puts the parcels into. That one is still opened. What about the key that she needs to put into my mailbox so that I can get into the parcel mailbox? Surely this is just an oversight. Any second now, she will remember.

In an instant my hopes of having my hands on that coveted Paper Poppy Kit were gone. :( She finished closing up the last box, got back into her car and drove away. A sad ending to my scrappy story but, tomorrow there will be another mail delivery and maybe, just maybe..... ???

On a positive note, I noticed as I was sitting in my car, that oncoming traffic was slowing to the proper playground zone speed as they passed me! This almost never happens in my neighbourhood! They must have thought that I was the "photo radar" vehicle. LOL If only they knew that I was just a crazy scrapper, stalking the mail lady! ;) I think that belonging to a kit club is already adding some excitement to my scrappy world! :)

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Ha! That is hysterical! I think Aphra should have a new contest - crazy things you've done for a Paper Poppy Kit! You definitely would win! I am certainly no better, but I'm always at work when the mail comes, so I can't stalk the mail lady! Everyday, though, I rush up to the mailbox, hoping against hope that the little note will be there saying I have to pick up a parcel at the post office! (Imagine my shock and horror when I received just such a note the other day, only to discover that the parcel contained a book I ordered. Bo-ring! LOL) Thanks for the laugh, Jennifer!! :)

  2. LOL!!! What a hilarious story! I hope your kit arrives tomorrow so you won't have to endure this torture any longer! I'm actually considering getting the April kit. I've been looking at the sneak peeks and it looks good!!

  3. lmao!!!
    You are priceless.... Dont you remember the giveaways and the one where you had to figure out how far your kit would have to travel?? hehe!
    Maybe it got caught up in customs with some jealous scrapper drooling over it?
    I too have issues.. the ladies at the post office that deal with parcels now know me by name.... So sad.. lol

  4. holy cow...girl, you are hilarious! i am anxiously waiting with you girls in Canada. a lady in Australia got her kit already and ya'll haven't gotten yours. hate it for you all. darn customs!

  5. lol too funny... great story!!

  6. You are SO funny Jennifer! I hope your parcel arrives soon!! :)

  7. Autstralia?!? Oh, for Pete's sake! Pleaseohpleaseohplease let them come today! (Did you know that in the states, people get their mail on Saturdays, too? I wish they did that here!)

  8. LOL! Jenn you are hilarious, only because I have been there myself before. I am praying to the scrappy gods as I type that you get your kit today! (SECRET...I think Aphra is going to offer a pre-order for April...shhhhhh!)

  9. you are too funny alrite , Jenn ! love how you've retold this stalking the mail lady story !

    really hope you get the kit soonest now ! lol !

  10. Interesting that we got a call at work yesterday from Canada Post about a suspicious person sitting in their car watching the postal carrier. The suspect appeared to be all sweaty and in distress and was dressed in a housecoat and bunny slippers. Rob heard the call and he raced off....


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