Monday, March 8, 2010

Sketch Inspiration #114

I loved Trisha's sketch this week! So linear with lots of fun scallops too. I decided to scrap this photograph of my brother Andrew's cat. This is Boo, formally known as Zippy. Kinda like Prince! ;) He originally belonged to my parents but was adopted by Andrew and Chantal when my parents moved out west. He has got to be about 15 years old by now!! Andrew took this photograph and I just LOVE it!! So many neat shadows in it. Andrew must have gotten the good photographer genes from my dad. As you can see by how I photographed this LO, these genes bypassed me!! :(

Most of the papers here are BG "Origins" and the main light green piece is from "Sugar Rush". I used a Bloomer on top of a chipboard sticker flower and like the look of it. I find that I am moving away from chipboard stickers more now. I do like the look though if I can do something to jazz them up a bit. I ran out of "o"s in my alpha pack so I used the inside of the "g"s and then put a flower sticker and brad on top. Thrifty!!

I wanted to share some picture "evidence" to explain why I have so many LO's of my pups and birds and not so many of my daughters. They are wonderful girls and I do attempt to capture as many memories of their lives as possible. Not always an easy task!!! {sigh}

Here is Diane and Lisa sharing a wonderful sister moment. Lisa starts a three week work practicum at the end of March and so needed to go out and get some professional clothing. So sad when jeans, hoodies and runners just won't cut it. Lisa went and picked up a few items and then Diane came over to see what Lisa had bought before they went together to finish up the shopping. Diane loves to shop for clothing and is very good at helping others pick out clothes. She is basically the personal shopper for me and Lisa, who struggle more with this task. I can mix patterned paper but don't ask me to go by myself to buy a dress!! A scary assignment. :(

This is the picture that I got in the end after much pleading!! I'm a happy mom when my girls spend any time together as they don't do it often. I love that I have captured this memory of my girls. But.... it was not an easy process. :(

I quietly got my camera to capture this sisterly moment. Not quietly enough apparently, as Lisa was onto me! She is snarling. Well, this doesn't make for a nice LO! So then I begin to beg for them to just act natural and go back to what they are doing. I tell them to pretend I'm not even here.

Instead of acting natural, they act!!! Then this is what I get! A 90 year old toothless gummy smiling, kerchief wearing woman and a shy ghost. {sigh} So this is why on most days when I am in the mood to capture a moment, it just seems easier to take a picture of my furry friends or a song bird in my backyard! Oh the joys of having daughters in their early 20's. {sigh}

Hope everyone is having a good Monday. I'm planning on some scrappy time today, so that always makes a day very good! Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Such a pity too ! your girls are sooo beautiful ! tell them that ! lol but hilarious pics nevertheless !

    Another gorgeous BG Origins layout , Jenn ! love that cat pic too now !

  2. i agree with trying to get pix of grownup children - all I ask for people is a nice shot...yeesh. I love the kitty pix - great color choices and the embellies work wonderfully together - thanks for the inspiration - you rock!

  3. These photos are so funny, Jen! Love them - I hope you get to scrap them, as it's such a great moment that's very telling of your daughters' relationship. Reminds me of me and my sisters! :)


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