Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Very Funny Man & Thoughts about Starbucks

Rob and I had the pleasure of meeting the comedian, John Pinette, a few years ago. He is my favourite comedian! He played at a small venue in Red Deer, Alberta. If "Red Deer" is ringing a bell with any "How I Met Your Mother" fans, yes, Robyn did mention it during one of her hilarious Canadian moments! Back to John. The main theme of the show was how he hates waiting in long lines at restaurants. You can enjoy a clip of him here, if you have the chance. We got the chance to meet him after the show and I was so happy that I had my camera with me. He is a very lovely man!

He ended up mentioning Starbucks during his rant. He was saying that the line ups are so long and slow that if he decides to go to Starbucks for a coffee, he first stops at Dunkin' Donuts to pick up a coffee. He then can enjoy this coffee while waiting in the line! Rob and I laughed so hard as we totally relate. We love Starbucks and do endure those long lines to get that ultimate drink.

This got me to thinking that I wanted to document the title of the drink that Rob orders. It is a, "grande, 7 pump, no fat, no foam, chai, latte"!! I always chuckle to myself when the poor sucker behind the counter has to call out this order when it is ready. It is really quite comical and I wonder if in time we will laugh at ourselves for this craze, not to mention the prices that we pay for these drinks. I rationalize the price of my latte with the fact that it is getting me to drink some milk and offsetting weak bones during old age. I even order decaf so the caffeine doesn't suck the calcium back out of my body!!

I had to gather Starbucks memorabilia for this one. I kept a few coffee cup holders and even asked the nice Starbucks people for some extra treat bags. When they asked what I was using them for and I explained my scrappy plans, they seemed excited. Diane was with me and instructed them not to encourage me. :( She just doesn't get my scrappy world. ;) In January, I actually got Rob to let me take a photo of him at Starbucks! He does get my scrappy world and I love him for that! I have scrapped this photo already in B&W for Valentine's.

So, after much thought and planning, I finally did this LO last night. I used lots of BG here, Kioshi, Sugar Rush and Origins. The alphas are from the Origins line. The sketch is from Creative Scrappers #95.

I used my circle punch to make this circular emblem from the corrugated cup holder.

I made the tissue lollipop flower from a treat bag. I glimmer misted it to add some fun! I punched the smaller circles out of the corrugated side of the cup holder.

This journaling was cut out of the front of a treat bag. It says, " flavours my senses, sweetens my disposition, stirs my imagination, nourishes my dreams" Maybe that is why we pay that crazy price. Look what we are getting in a cup of coffee!! LOL I stapled it onto corrugated to add some dimension.

Have a happy Tuesday with hopefully some time left over to create! :)

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Awesome Jen!!
    What a perfect thing to document - maybe you will think it was silly to have done in years but it's still a great memory! Great touches by adding some actual Starbucks goods to it!

  2. Very cool LO!! And how neat that you got to meet John Pinette too! :-)

  3. A) Love this LO! It's so calm and relaxing, just like that awesome drink! I love chai lattes, too...but what the heck does "7 pump" mean? :)

    B) I can't believe you met John Pinette! I showed this to Cliff and he thought it was so cool - this is his favourite comic! How cool that you saw him live! :)

    C) When I was doing WW, I used Splenda (though I really avoid that stuff now) and used applesauce instead of oil in my banana bread. Can't do much about the yummy butter on top, though! LOL

    D) I have had many a conversation with my own mother just like that one...who am I kidding?! I still ask my mom those kinds of questions! LOL

  4. Hello scrappy friend! A few thoughts... you should apply for a sketch DT. Yup, you should. Your takes have graduated to amazing! As for paper...I found ordering a monthly kit helps me save in the pocketbook dept and has expanded my horizons in terms of mixing and matching product! Or surf through and look at different kits and see how different people put together different product. I also find I hold off buying because I don't know what is coming in the kit... and you can't return paper. So I pick up to pieces that call to me. (From across the store.)
    Hugs to you my scrappy friend!

  5. your designs are leaving us in the dust...Starbucks - the perfect place for Rob to get a second job and pay for your scrapbook supplies!!

  6. I just love reading your posts! Love your layout...sooooo many details! And you know what? You only live once...so drink and be merry! (I am a starbuck's lover myself!)

  7. What a neat memory to scrap!! I love what you did with the sketch! I've stopped drinking coffee, this is week 3 and this layout is driving me nuts.....LOL!!!!

    xoxo Karen Lee

  8. Great layout!! I adore that you used the holder from starbucks! Makes me wanna run out and get a frappuccino!


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