Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Just Got Tagged!

My blogging friend, Teri, just tagged me! Geez, I haven't played tag in years and I don't even have to get off my sofa for this game. Score!!! ;) So here is how it's played.

First I have to tell you 10 things that make me happy. Hmm.....

1} Hanging out with my favourite person in the world, Robert.
2} Seeing my girls smile. I once read that, a mother is only ever as happy as their saddest child, and it is very true.
3} Cuddling my pups.
4} Hearing birds chirping.
5} Flowers in my kitchen.
6} Emails from my sister.
7} Being surrounded by nature.
8} New BG lines.
9} A good sketch.
10} Chocolate!!!!

Next, I have to tell you 5 pieces of trivia about me. This one is harder to think of.

1} I have every colour of DMC floss as of the colour collection circa 2005.
2} I only began to love dogs when I turned 33. Some bad dog experiences in my early childhood had me somewhat nervous.
3} I have a soft spot for anything Victorian style or old looking.
4} I hate driving and would get myself a chauffeur if I was rich.
5} I hate clothes shopping.

Now here is the tough part. I have to tag 5 people whose blog I enjoy. I could not possibly choose only 5 as I love sooo many blogs. So I have decided to change the rules a little as not to leave anyone of my blogging friends out of this. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sketch junkie. So I will list 5 of my favourite places to go for some amazing sketch inspiration!

3} Jana Eubank's sketches
4} Julie Bonner's sketches

So, "Tag! You're it!" Head on over to check out these great sites and spend some time dreaming of your next LO!! I also encourage you all to head over to Teri's blog. Not only is Teri a very talented scrapper, but she also has a way with words that leaves me howling laughing more often than not, while reading her very humorous posts! Hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend with some time to create! :)

Happy Scrapping!!! Jen :)


  1. teehee ! I got tagged too & this one is easy enough for me to play along !

    Great little nuggets of you here , Jenn ! ;)

  2. Love it! And thanks for linking back to me. Wow, every colour of floss! How many is that? And how on earth do you store all of that?!? I bet if your girls were younger they'd have been stealing your floss to make friendship bracelets galore! LOL Remember those? This is so fun - thanks for playing along! :)


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