Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is Spring Here?

I don't want to jinx it but I think that Spring has finally arrived in Alberta! Yay!! I was out scouting around the backyard this afternoon and actually found some evidence of budding. :)

Then, my sweetie came home and surprised me with this!

Now it feels like spring in my kitchen, too.

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Oh.... this is soooo pretty!!!!! God is soooo good ALL the time! Thank you for making me smile and realize how wonderful new life is. Happy Thursday!

  2. :) Gorgeous! I was so excited to leave work and have it be the same temperature outside as it was inside! :) Thanks so much for your comments on my recent posts! I've been online so seldom this week, so I haven't had a chance to write back. First of all, I laughed so hard at your floss stained with baby cookie! LOL That was such a great mental picture! As for my last post - I was mostly just pondering and thinking about how I need to be in control and not let others control the direction I head in. I actually had managed to find a solution to the issue, and was just hoping that it would work again today, which it did :) . I didn't intend to be cryptic. My job is really challenging sometimes, and in particular, it can be tough when I can't really talk about it because my professional code of ethics prevents me from doing so. Suffice to say that I need to always be in control of my own classroom, and I have recently encountered a situation that forced me to find new ways of doing - and this was tough for me! I'm usually happy-go-lucky and theatrical in my classes, and when I can't be, I feel like I can't be myself. Ugh. I'm sure we'll talk about it over coffee sometime. :) I am so glad to hear that you got to scrap for 12 whole hours! My PP Kit just arrived today, and I can't wait to scrap with it! It is just gorgeous! I hope to scrap this weekend...or at least send out my photos to be printed! :) I'm heading to a weekend-long crop next weekend, and I am counting down the days!

    I can't wait to see what you've created, Jen!

    PS: Your husband gives good advice! The "Not my pig, not my farm" is actually pretty on the money. ;)

  3. wow did you untie the ribbons of the days in these pics ! very very pretty especially the last is my top fave ! lol hubby's a keeper for sure !

    Thanks for the congrats ! it was such a pleasant surprise to a very nice scrappy week thus far ! online & offline ! lol I even bought a new set of OA Thrift Shop stamps - just my type etc .... tsk ! tsk !

  4. yay!! happy spring!! how sweet of your hubby!! those flowers are beautiful!! :)

  5. What a beautiful surprise! He's a keeper!

  6. It is certainly looking like spring...enjoy!

  7. That's awesome! :) Great to know that the cold is leaving you!

    Are those Gerbera daisies I see? They are my favorite! :D

  8. Thank you for your lovely congrats , Jenn !!!

    I hope your weekend will be fruitful in every way !! ;)

    Gotta have a little think too for TCR#2 ! ; )

  9. Thanks for the luv on my blog. That was sweet of you. I'm never far from my camera and I love taking pics of nature. I was and am thinking people are getting tired of all my nature pics I post on my blog. LOL

    Are those gerber daises?? love them...


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