Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh I Love Me Some Johnny!

Just got back from the John Mayer concert in Edmonton and have to say that it was amazing!!! You know the old saying that time flies when you're having fun, well this concert felt like fifteen minutes to me!! I was so sad when it was over. :(

I saw him last time he was in town in 2007 and I have to say that I enjoyed tonight's concert much more. He seemed much more interactive and somewhat humble and appreciative of his audience. Maybe it was just an off day last time, but I wonder if the recent controversy surrounding some comments made in an interview, have something to do with this change. Yes, Johnny does have some growing up to do but I will remain a forever fan! I just love everything he does artistically. I did find it funny that he sang, "My Stupid Mouth". This song is all about saying too much and not having a filter in your head. (hee hee) I guess this has been an ongoing challenge in his life. I was so hoping that he would sing, "Back to You" but, he didn't. :( It's an oldie but a goodie!!

I am hoping that he doesn't wait three years before returning to Edmonton again. No pictures to scrap of this amazing memory. :( I didn't want to sneak in my camera for fear of it being taken from me. Oh, I will forever be a "rule person". :( Can't seem to throw caution to the wind like the others who snuck theirs in with the only consequence being told to put it away. Maybe I'll get brave next time!

Teri was at the concert too, so maybe she got some shots to scrap!! Can't wait to hear your review, Teri!!

On the scrappy front, I am sooo hoping for some scrappy time tomorrow! We had two house viewings today and who knows what tomorrow will bring. We have to leave while people come to view, so it really disrupts the day. I think I will be spending lots of time at Starbucks in the near future. I guess I can handle that! ;) A latte and some quiet time sounds good to me!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday with some time to create!

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Hi, Jen!! Yes, the concert was AMAZING! I agree - I was sad when it was over, too! Yes, I got some photos (and a few of them even turned out well! :) ) I will post about that tonight, I think. :) What an incredible night!!!

  2. PS: I think I found the downside to being a cyborg. I read somewhere that John Mayer's turnoffs include "snobby people, bad tippers, and robots." Sigh.

  3. oh my ! so you were both at the same concert !!! woot ! sounds like a fab experience !!


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