Monday, April 19, 2010

Scrapping and Maids

Yesterday I had a chance to work on the new sketch that Trisha has up at Sketch Inspiration. I loved this linear sketch that allowed for lots of layering! It was great to finally scrap this photograph that I took last fall.

Scrapping photographs of nature can sometimes be challenging. It isn't like I ever look at the picture and can think of a line of paper to coordinate. It really forces me to go through the stash and search for treasure! This is something that I seem to be enjoying more these days. I thank the Paper Poppy Kit Company for this. It has opened the door to mixing up the lines a little!! :)

This LO has Scenic Route, Fancy Pants and yet some more of my Origins scraps!! Yay to using up some scraps!! Funny to think of yellow and green on a first snow LO, but I love how with the added white it represents the merging of the seasons. :)

Here's the sketch!

On the domestic front, I am blogging as my "maid" takes care of the floors!!! Let me introduce you to my new maid, "Roomba"!!

This little baby scurries around bumping from wall to wall to pick up every crumb and even goes under sofas!! When she is finished, she goes back to her station and turns herself off! She is my third maid. I had a Roomba years ago and it broke and then we exchanged it and it broke again. :( We finally just got our money back. We decided to give Roomba another shot with having to keep the house extra clean for potential showings. They have changed the look of the model so here's hoping that the third times a charm! :) One of Rob's work friends bought her first one when we did four years ago and hers is still going. We will see. :)

Hope everyone is having a great start to a new week. Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. great layout!! beautiful photo!! I loove the different mix of papers!! and I'm so jealous... I sooo want one of those little roombas!! :)

  2. oooo ! that is a fabulous mix of brands alrite ! beautifully done !!! wonderful you used your scraps of BG origin too for a snow themed layout !!!

    I really hope your new Roomba works out - I was not impressed with my first one & that's chucked out now ! ;)

  3. Jen, this is gorgeous! Love the back and white picture with all the colors you put around it.

    Happy Monday!

  4. This is beautiful! The green and yellow look great together!

  5. Jen,
    This is awesome. I know what you mean about finding pattern papers to go with nature pics. I usually end up just matching cardstock. LOL

  6. Great mix of papers and colours! And I love the use of all those tags.


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