Tuesday, May 4, 2010

About Moose

It is a rainy/snowy May day here in Alberta. A perfect day to hide away and scrap if life's obligations were not present to force me to put on my boots and venture out later on today.

We had a sad time last week as we surrendered my daughter Diane's little one year old Dachshund, Moose, to the Alberta Dachshund Rescue Society. Diane and her boyfriend of three years have parted ways and she is with us until she moves into her own place in June. Unfortunately, the living arrangements effected not only Moose but the two cats, Mo and Hobbs.

The first sad event was bringing Hobbs to the SPCA for adoption. He was Jeff's cat and really didn't care for anyone else including me who he loved to hiss and swat at! :( Most cats love me!!! Jeff was unable to keep him. I track him daily on the SPCA site. His photo is not up yet and I hope that someone came in and adopted him right away. Probably hopeful thinking on my part.

Mo, who is Diane's cat, is staying with us and stealing our hearts each day. Rob and I love cats but Rob is allergic. Luckily he isn't too bad with Mo. We wondered if we would end up having to board Mo for two months until Diane could take him to her own place. Luckily it all worked out.

This brings me to poor little Moose. Moose was a handful from the get go, but his sweet loving personality made you forgive all his bad behaviours and refusal to go to the bathroom outside. :( He and my Maggie were arch enemies as he pushed her around literally and turned my mellow girl into a nervous wreak. We knew that there was no way we could keep him. Not to mention trying to train him on my new carpets in the condo. :(

We were reluctant to drop him off at the SPCA for fear of him being returned repeatedly or adopted into a home who didn't understand Dachshunds and would possibly hurt him out of frustration. Rob found The Alberta Dachshund Rescue Society on line! We contacted them and they accepted him on the spot and even offered pick up if we needed an immediate home.

We ended up boarding Moose at the kennel for 5 days until we could arrange a meeting time. It was a three hour drive to drop him off. It was a very hard thing to do and lots of tears were shed but we know that he is in the perfect place. Apparently, the SPCA call this woman to take the Dachshunds who come in and have issues. This woman is a saint!!!

So here is the plan for Moose. He will live with this lady and the other Dachshunds who she has in her care until she finds the perfect home for Moose. She will work on his socializing and some potty training. His "Brindle" markings will make him very appealing to us humans, but she will not let him be adopted on cuteness. She will do a home visit before placement. He will end up with someone who fully understands this breed and will have the time to work with him.

Moose was a somewhat spontaneous purchase from the pet store by Diane and Jeff. I guess young people see these little sweet creatures and feel they are rescuing them from the shop. These stores charge an outrageous amount of money for these pups and even offer installment payment plans. I think that they are appealing to this young age of couples. We have learned that Moose is a puppy mill dog. :( It wasn't long before Diane and Jeff knew that they were in over their heads and not the proper fit for this little guy. I give them credit for being so patient and really giving it their all with Moose. Rob and I figured that the day would come when they would have to let him go.

I think that Moose is onto the next adventure in his life and he will be placed with the person who will be able to provide him the structure that he needs. So enough of this sad story and onto some scrappy stuff. I pulled some LO's that I did of little Moose last summer to share and to help me remember the happy times with this little guy. My favourite memory is the story of him eating a $50 bill that Mo batted off of the top of the fridge. It was part of the rent money! Yes, Moose was an expensive dog to feed! LOL

This is one of the first photos of him as a pup. I love how his nose is so tiny and somewhat rounded. This LO is based on a sketch by Julie Bonner. I did all 52 of her sketches last year at 52 Sketches 52 Weeks. These are Webster's Pages. I find this manufacturer very challenging to use.
Here is Diane and Moose. This was the first day we met him. I used June Bug by BG here. The line was new out and I LOVED it! Another one of Julie's sketches here.

I think that this is my favourite LO of Moose, because it is just so him. He is looking like he is guilty of something and he usually was!! I used more June Bug here. The dog theme was perfect. Yet another one of Julie Bonner's great sketches.

This LO is a totally shameful full out scraplift from Sarah! If it was a crime I would be in jail for life!! LOL Sarah did a LO last summer of her little son. I lifted everything I could off of it! I think her title was even close! "A Little Wet" LOL Sarah will forever be one of my scrappy mentors!! Just love her style!! I think it is based on a sketch from Stuck? Sketches! Sarah is on the DT! So, thank you Sarah!!! :)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed seeing these older LO's of little Moose and that my story wasn't too sad. I will be following him on the site of the rescue center and we have already received two emails that he is doing great! :)

Wishing you all a Happy Tuesday. Hopefully your weather is wonderful where you are!

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Very cute!! It was nice to see that last LO of Moose which I'd never seen before. You guys have worked hard to do the right thing for this little guy and I know it will all work out for the best for him in the end. :-)

  2. Awww....that IS a sad time, Jennifer! That little Moose is too cute for words. He will certainly find a good home. Thank heavens SOMEbody out there can train a Daschsund because I certainly can't. My mini Max has yet to learn how to let us know when he needs to potty, so he pretty much has to stay outside all day. We plan to put down wood floors soon, so maybe he'll get to come in. For short supervised visits.

    Love all those June Bug layouts. That line was fabulous!!!

    Thanks for playing along with us at The Paper Poppy on Saturday!

  3. Aww, Jenn. I am so sorry about Moose. It's the hardest thing to have to let a little part of your family go...and yes, pets are family :) lol I hope you keep us updated on his adoption if you find anything out. I still love these LO's that you created. I love the June Bug and I too have a VERY hard time working with the Websters Pages...and most Prima paper...to 'pretty' maybe, I'm not really sure :)

  4. aww what a cute... i'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to keep him... it's good that they're going to find him a good home though!! I love these layouts!! they're all super cute!! :)

  5. Absolutely darling he looks here in your layouts, Jenn !!I certainly hope Moose finds the perfect home for him !

    I am guessing that you can't wait for BG Max & Whiskers , huh ? I can't help but think of you much when I see new BG arrivals here ( not trying to rub it in , pleeze !!?! ) ;)

    p/s : thank you so much for your lovely comments on my altered art ! I don't have much space around the house to display 'em all that's why I dont do them so much.;(

  6. Oh my! My heart is just breaking over that story. That dog is adorable! I would totally adopt him if I could. lol.

    I can't imagine having to give my Madigan up. That would break my hear into a million pieces!

    Good luck and I hope you all are doing fine!

    Enjoyed looking at the layouts! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing these layouts, Jen! What a cutie. I can only imagine how hard it's been for you all! I have a dachsund who uses her cuteness to get out of trouble, too, so I know how that can be! The layouts are awesome, and it's so nice to have those memories to turn to when you remember your little Moose! That is the best name for a wiener dog, by the way! Your family is in my thoughts. :)

  8. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for sharing your story about Moose. I have two 3 year old miniature Dachsunds and they are the sweetest dogs ever. Lol... The male has that permanent quilty look on his face too!
    I had to give my first little dachshund (then 2 year old) away when we moved countries and the quarantine period and cost were just too high. She went to a good home but it was a very painful experience for us!
    Love your layouts. Moose is a cutie!

  9. Hola Jen. I did not realize you lived there! It is so pretty though. Love all your pages and Moose is so precious. Thank you for sharing with us. It touch my heart because we all have pets in our family and they are part of us. Have a blessed and wonderful Wednesday!

  10. Great LOs! Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it! BTW you may have lifted the design, but the style and colours are all you! Your pages are just wonderful!


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