Monday, May 10, 2010

Birthday Card

Just a quick post to share this birthday card that I made today. It is for my friend's little guy who just turned two, today! He is such a little cutie and just makes me smile!

I used scraps from the scrap drawer. That is what I love about card making. I use up some scraps, never cut into a new sheet of paper and end up creating something that is pretty. I used Sassafrass. I thought the vibrant colors would be fitting for a birthday greeting. I used my Cricut for the hat and inside greeting. I love adding a little decoration to the envelope when I am lucky enough to not have to mail it out.

A funny story goes with that little lady bug embellishment. Rob was at work and one of the ladies was delivered a bouquet of flowers. On the card were two of these wooden lady bugs. Rob asked if he could have one to bring home for me for my scrapping. LOL I'm not sure if that was an appropriate office request and what am I doing to this man that he is now seeing his world in terms of possible embellishments!?!! Anyway, thank you Shelly!! She is a very sweet lady. :)

I used sketch #61 from Inspirational Card Sketches.

Amy has an amazing flower tutorial up at Sketch Inspiration. You can check it out here.

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. o what a sweetie your Rob is ! fancy him bringing home the ladybug for you !! lol ! well trained is what I'd say ! teehee !

    great to see you use up your scraps here ! & using the Cricut too ! woot !

  2. Beautiful card Jennifer! Very happy and bright and I'm sure it made him smile.
    So funny about your hubby bringing home some embellies from the office. :)
    Take care.

  3. Wow, great card, Jen! So vibrant. I love it!

  4. Jen, beautiful card. Love your colors. I am sure he will love it. Happy Tuesday!

  5. What a fun card Jenn!! I too LOVE Sass...very inspiring.

  6. Hey Jenn ,

    Just wanted to pop in & say have a fab weekend ahead ! ;)

    thanks for all your lovely recent words ! You are the sweetest , hun ! ;)

    I have a little time today & mojoless ! woot !

  7. So adorable, Jen! I agree - getting to use scraps is definitely a huge perk of card making! Love what you did with the envelope, too! :)

  8. LOVE this card && the ladybug. I have such a soft spot for ladybugs. That was SO sweet of your DH for bringing it home for you too! He's a keeper ;) Thank for linking my flowers too! Sadly that's about all the craftyness I have accomplished this week!


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