Friday, May 28, 2010

Not A Lot of Scrapping Going On!

Well, nothing much new on the scrapping front. I have been on a domestic tangent, as of late. There is something about a move that makes me go through my house and re-organize and get rid of unneeded stuff. I decided to invest in some new dishes and this led me to go through my kitchen and replace some bakeware and storage containers. Then this led to the linen closets! I will be so organized before I even move!!

So, the pups have been ignored and I have had Mo, my assistant, by my side!! {sigh} I don't know if he is bored or is being effected by the full moon, but he has been one crazy cat lately. Even the dogs are looking at me as if to say, "What is wrong with him?" He has been doing a lot of meowing and then these sudden sprints through the house where he ends by dropping himself to the floor, belly side up. So here is the evidence. ;)

This is Mo sitting on the very top of the highest kitchen cupboard.

.... having a little rest

.... attempting to get back down. Yes, I got sucked into the theatrics and ended up climbing up for a rescue. Diane later informed me that he could easily get down from that height. I guess I am more of a dog person and aware of their abilities, or lack of.

Here is Mo "helping" me go through the kitchen linen closet. I wonder how clean those tea towels really are after he sits on them. :( I just won't think about it. ;)

On a somewhat scrappy front, here is a photo that I took last week. I got the inspiration to take photos after the rain, after seeing some wonderful photography on Pearl's blog. I believe that Pearl titled her photos, "After the Rain". I think this would make an amazing title for this LO. I may be asking permission for this title usage, Pearl!! Rob played with the iphotos effects and blurred out the edges. I love the mix of the blur with the glisten of the rain.

Well, it looks like another yucky rainy weekend so maybe I'll get some scrapping in. I want to use up the last of my May Paper Poppy kit. June is just around the corner, and with June comes a new kit!! Yay!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing weekend with some sunshine too!!

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. What a gorgeous photo!!! LOL at your cat :-)

  2. hurry up and organize your house already - we want to see scrappyness - even though you can always include pix of Mo - he is great!!

  3. oooo ! what fun to come by & "see" yer here after being offline for the past 3 days or so ! lol

    Your Mo is such a riot in your kitchen !! oh my !!!

    & you gotta be kidding' asking for permission for titles ! dontcha worry about that now ! But that would be Great to see you scrap your nature pics & show us the way here !!! If I scrap my pics I wouldn't be titling the layout after tha rain at all , actually ! ;) You go , grrl !!!

  4. Mo is too cute... great pics of him!! In my experience cats are ALWAYS crazy... and I have 6 of them so I should know (or maybe that makes me the crazy one lol) :) Your flower pic is gorgeous... I'll definitely be on the look out for a layout with it!! :)

  5. Love the pics with your kitty!!! Just adorable. Made me miss my kitty SO MUCH!! We had to put her down on Monday.. she was almost 19! She was a sick kitty.

  6. MO..makes me miss my cat. Love the pics..especially that flower with the rain drops, just beautiful. I'll have to go check out Pearls Blog...sounds interesting. Have a great weekend Jenn!

  7. Hi Jen,

    I just wanted to thank you so much for offering me your scrapping stuff.
    Unfortunately, I have no way of accepting the supplies without giving out my address. So, I cannot accept it.
    Thank you so much for thinking of me first, though. It was very thoughtful and I appreciate it a lot.
    My mom says that it was very nice of you to offer. :)
    Maybe you could host a giveaway on your blog? That way another scrapper could win!
    Have a great weekend. And again, thanks so much! That made my day knowing you thought about me.


  8. That is one stinkin' cute cat, Jen! Love him! Your photos, as always, are gorgeous! :)


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