Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Springtime in Alberta

No LO to share today, but I just couldn't resist sharing this view into my backyard, taken yesterday!! LOL Very typical for us to get one last dumping of snow this time of year. Nobody around here is complaining much about this, as we had a wonderful mild winter and some awesome spring weather in March and April. Although, one of my daughter Lisa's friends did say that he had the Christmas carol, "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas", stuck in his head all day. ;) Gotta love Alberta!! :)

Thank you to all my bloggy friends who left such sweet comments on my Moose post. Who knew that so many of you have Dachshunds?? LOL I received a phone call yesterday with a Moose update. He has wiggled his way into the heart of Sherri, who runs the program, as well as her 4&6 year old daughters. She says that when the girls take a shine to one of the pups, they are guaranteed lots of extra attention. LOL So the girls and Sherri are working on "Dad" to let them keep little Moose. This may not be possible, as they already have 3 senior Dachshunds as their personal dogs above all the rescue dogs that come in. Sherri said that she is looking for the "perfect" home and so far, nobody has been "good enough" for Moose. LOL So, it looks like Moose is in very good hands and who knows, it may take soooo long to find the perfect home, that Moose will just end up staying. :) This is my hope, anyway. I have wonderful images of him running and playing with these little girls. They would be the perfect match for his energy level. So, I can rest easy knowing that it is all good things ahead for little Moose. :)

Here's the latest photo of Mo, taken yesterday by Rob. I'm thinking BG "Max and Whiskers" may just be the perfect mix!

I'm hoping to get some creative time in today. I have two wonderful photographs of my cousins sweet little 4 year old daughter, Justine, awaiting me. I'm thinking some soft girly Prima!!

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Yayyy for Moose! Glad to hear he's got a new home. I know you're not really enjoying that weather but I am sure enjoying that photo. Beautiful! And all the little bird houses in the background....awwww!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that Moose is doing well! It's nice to think that he gets to play with those little girls. :) The Dachshund Rescue is really doing such great work! I'm so glad to hear that they don't place dogs with just "anyone". :) Your cat is so handsome, by the way! I wish I could get Macy to sit still long enough to get such a great picture of her. :) We had some snow here, too, but it's gone now. I hope yours disappears soon, too! :)

  3. Love the look of your back garden and all that snow Jennifer. I have never seen snow IRL! Glad to hear Moose is doing well.
    Yes, I can definitely see a Max and Whiskers LO coming up! :)

  4. Wow ! snow still huh at this time of the year ! & that Mo is just gorgeous !!! let's see a Max & Whiskers layout come on ! I'm still digging into the Capella .

    & huge congrats on the Scrappiest win ! your kind of prize I'd imagine !!! woohoo !

  5. Hi Jen,
    awwwwwwwwwe your kitty is such a cutie patootie!! Makes me miss mine. (<grabs a tissue). Jen, I'm thinking you need to come & play in my scraproom. We have been in the 80's the past two weeks..what do you think?

  6. wow, so much going on in your life - boy, us parents just don't catch a break do we - ha! I think the snow is melting and soon we're gonna see some scrappy baby bird pix!!

  7. Snow?! I am jealous. They were calling for snow here in WA, but no luck :( Your picture of Mo is adorable and I can SO see a little Max & Wiskers. I was basically drooling over that yesterday...I really need to start scrapping pics of my dogs. Oh, and we are getting Kyrsten a little fish tank for her birthday, it would even work for that!! Ok, Ok, you talked me into buying the line. lol Thanks ;)

  8. Jen, thanks so much for the lovely comment! :)

    It is sad that we didn't win, but at least we tried! Thanks so much for playing along with me!

    Well, off to start a new layout and work on the speeches that have to be ready for tomorrow! Have a great night!


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