Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elementary Scrapping

I have been having so much fun today making cards! Yes, I am cheating again and bought the Max and Whiskers card kit. Fun, fun fun!!!

So I have decided to donate these to the Alberta Dachshund Rescue instead of making another photo album. Yes, sad to say that the first album is still sitting at a $5 bid. The bidding continues until the end of August so who knows, maybe there is hope yet! ;) I just couldn't justify putting all that time and effort, let alone the cost of the supplies, to have it go for $5.

Okay, so the card kit cost me $19 and I'm guessing the cards will go for $3!! LOL On a funny note, these "lovely" Dachshund corn on the cob holders are sitting at a $10 bid!! LOL I must remember that old saying about beauty being in the eyes of the beholder. Very true. :) There is also a really 70's kind of hooked carpet wall hanging of Dachshunds that is sitting at $20. (tee hee) Anyway, it all goes to a good cause and we must always remember to keep our humor in life!
Speaking of trying to keep good humor, Rob and I found out yesterday that our condo will now possibly not be ready until mid August. It was laugh or cry so we decided to see the positive and not freak out. We have lots to be grateful for in life and these small things will work themselves out. Not that we are not frustrated but we are at the point that it doesn't freak us out anymore. So our possession date is looking very close to the original date of late August that we were told at the onset of construction. We will be homeless for a month now. :( My sister, Susan, is still coming out in July so we are going away until the end of August. Thank goodness I have Susan's trip to look forward to. :) Then I will stay at my DD's until the condo is ready. Rob will stay with his parents. Diane's place is small so she doesn't have room for all of us. Poor kid, she moves out into her own place next week and within a month, Mommy will arrive!! LOL

Well, enough of my update. I got on a bit of a tangent there! ;)

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. ooo yeah ! these cards are totally adorable , hun !!!
    & yeah they aren't cheap to make at all, sigh !!!

    that is quite an adventure with this home moving thing . Good to hear that it's only gonna be around a month that you have to make these arrangements - it will all work out ! ( with gritted teeth I can imagine ! ;)
    {{{{{{Big hugs , hun !!!!}}}}}}

  2. your cards are great. as for the album, i donated (what i thought was cute) Cosmo Cricket xmas album for a silent auction and it went for twenty bucks - the embellies cost more than that!! oh well, too bad about your condo not being ready - make sure you keep your scrappy stuff available and not in storeage! Rob moving back with his parents - that's not going to be pretty...there are beds at work - ha!

  3. Cute, cute cards! That is one sweet kit! Hope everything works itself out eventually! Moving is fun and stressful all at the same time!

  4. Jennifer, these cards are adorable!!!!! Love them all. And I am glad you have a great attitude!!!! May God fill you with his peace and joy during these moving times which are not always easy. Have a great day!

  5. Oh My..I don't blame you sheesh!! Love the cards....so adorable.
    Sorry to hear about the condo and sad to hear you two have to be apart. I wouldn't like that at all. My prayers are with you that things move along quickly!

  6. AWWWW those cards are just delicious...who cares if its a kit its what you do with that counts and these ROCK!!!

  7. Wow! Those cards are awesome Jennifer! I'll let you know when its my birthday. ;) You are so talented. :)

  8. Super cute cards, Jen! I don't blame you for not wanting to make another album...the time alone is worth SO much! Can you bid online? I'm going to google the auction! :)


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