Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking for a New Blog Look?

I just found a really great site for free blog designs! It is called Allie Brown's Layout's. What I love about it, is that the backgrounds come with a matching header!!! As you can see, I added a header to my blog, but am proud to say that I have not changed my background!! ;) I also noticed that the headers seem very empty on the top portion so they would work really well with the limited flexibility of the Blogger title positioning. Hope this site is helpful to anyone who is looking for a blog change! Yes, I am trying to drag all of my bloggy friends along with me into the abyss of constant blog design changes!!! LOL

I'm hoping to scrap tomorrow but will have a LO to share on Sunday with the newest sketch up at Creative Scrappers.

Happy Scrapping!!! Jen :)


  1. Jennifer, your blog looks amazing! I will definitely have to check out Allie Brown's site, though.

    Just wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It means a lot. I will have to try out hand-sewing. Sounds very fun! And I've seen it on your pages and it looks gorgeous!

    Have a lovely night!

  2. I was using Allie Brown's blog background before Shabby Blogs came into being & was actually looking for their link ! thanks for the link here !

    We can blame each other for wanting to change blog looks every so often now ! lol but there's so much choice these days ....

    altho I can't seem to do it now - I keep getting an error I'm not sure why ! grrr !

  3. oooo ! ooo thank God I told you about my error thing ! grrr ! I obviously dont READ !!! woot ! off to try now ! thanks much , hun ! I love changing blog backgrounds to match what I'm posting !!! would you believe that ! teehee

    trust you have a great weekend ahead !!!

  4. Ooooo! This is so cute Jennifer.

  5. It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing the link...I could use a new background! (And some new posts! LOL)


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