Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Proud to be Canadian

With Canada Day soon upon us, I thought I would share my feelings on being a Canadian, eh? ;) I am definitely a proud Canadian. I wasn't always this way. I do remember as a child, going to the States for summer holidays and wishing so much to be an American. Looking back, I realized that the main appeal for me at the time, was the availability of M&M's! They hadn't come to Canada yet and we were stuck with boring Smarties. I guess that chocolate has been a huge part of my life from an early age. LOL

As I got older, my appreciation of living in this wonderful country grew. I think that marrying my Mountie might have had something to do with this. The RCMP is still so full of tradition and history. Where else would any police force have a uniform that included, riding pants, a stetson and "high browns", also known as riding boots. These boots must be polished to a shine and all good Mountie wives know how to get ahold of those suckers and pull them off. Not an easy task, especially when it has been a hot day and the polish is melting onto your hands. (Kinda glad those days are over.) Thankfully, they didn't have to dress in full red serge very often.

When the girls went to elementary school, I would often go in and volunteer in their classrooms. My favourite part of the day was when we would all sing Oh Canada and then pledge allegiance to the flag. It was always so wonderful to see these little people learning to value and appreciate our county. As parents, we always told the girls how fortunate they were to be Canadians. We may have gone a bit overboard with this. I sure hope that we have not narrowed their vision, as there are so many amazing places in our world!!!

As a Canadian, I have learned to embrace our quirks and have the ability to laugh at us!!! We do say "eh" more than we even realize. We do apologize to strangers when they bump into us. We do cause traffic hold ups when the Tim Hortons drive through line gets too long. If I tune into The Junos I have usually never heard of the "talent" that is getting the award. Our Canadian television shows usually are pretty lame (except for Rick Mercer) and the "theme" songs all sound the same and have so since I can remember back in the 70's. How many years was "The Beachcombers" on the air???? uurrgghhhh Canadian Idol makes me blush. Ben is no Ryan!!! But.... we try to stay hip!!! Thank goodness that Justin Beiber is Canadian because now Entertainment Canada has something to report on. It is tough finding that small link to Canada that lets you report on the interesting stuff. How much can you really say about Celine Dion and Bryan Adams????? ;) And...... we use the letter "u" much more than others!! I will continue to do so even though spell check puts that red line under it!

We know that we are really a small nation and are fine with having our good neighbours to the South for security. Let's face it, our military equipment has been known to be just a bit outdated and we did go into desert areas wearing very green camouflage which really didn't camouflage us at all! Opps, that was a bit embarrassing. ;) If this great nation of ours is ever in danger we will be running to hide in the safe arms of our American friends, and we thank you for that! :)

I am a firm believer that we all must bloom where we are planted even if this spot does have about 8 months of winter each year. Our ancestors really did pick the yucky spot!!! Did someone get their directions mixed up?? Thanks for listening to my ramblings. My hope is that all of my bloggy friends out there feel as proud and appreciative of the wonderful places that they live, as I do about Canada! :) Happy Birthday Canada!!!

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Well said Jen - Happy Canada day to you, rob, the girls and the k9's t.

  2. oooo that 8 months of winter bit I didn't miss !!! ;) I have to say the few Canadians - scrappers included - whom I know - are definitely some of the very warmest people on earth ! lol ( no pun intended ! )

    Happy Canada to you & the fam !

  3. Happy Canada day to you!! Ohhh I did not miss the snow this winter at all..loved the 50 & 60 degree weather here in SC. I did however grow up in Northern Lower MI and it felt like winter 8 months out of the year. At the resort where i worked we had many Canadians and before they left I'd be saying "eh" as much as y'all do. LOL

  4. yes ! i love the idea that you could fly over to our sunny side in the meanwhile !!! lol that is the problem with new uilding projects the world over it would seem !!! urrggghhh !
    you hang in there in the meanwhile !!!

    {{{{{{{{{{{{BIG HUGS }}}}}}}}}}}}}

  5. More cold means more guilt free scrap time (I don't have to feel guilty about not gardening or being outside or...) Hugs to you my fellow Canadian!

  6. Happy Canada Day!!! and thank you for writing this, it is great.

  7. I am PROUD to be a Canadian as well!! As far as I am concerned, there isn't any other place in the world that is better to live in! Thanks for showing your pride! It was inspiring!
    Happy Birthday Canada!!!

  8. What an awesome "devotional" to this great country of ours! Happy Canada Day, Jennifer! I got to ride in the parade this morning with Cliff's radio station's float - super fun! I love Canada Day! :)


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