Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Musings from a Woman Living in a Construction Zone

Hello Bloggy friends!! I have nothing creative to share today. :( Only some rambling thoughts that are sure to make anyone who is considering building a new place to live, seriously reconsider! ;) Don't get me wrong, I love my new place and even more than this, I LOVE not being homeless. But...... I am living in the middle of a construction zone. :(

I'm on a Cul-de- Sac with 16 units. Presently they are landscaping. I admit that I was uber excited when they planted a beautiful pink rose bush outside my door, but along with this beauty comes dirt and mud!!!! Mud is fine if you don't have two little and low to the ground white dogs. Before we moved I picked up four fingertip sized hand towels, each embroidered with a cute black Scotty dog wearing a red collar.

Very Martha Stewart. I knew that there would be lots of walks around the Cul-de-Sac to the slough area, as we don't have grass out the back yet. The back is just a few short steps onto the slough area walking path. Anyway, I like to think that I am a "glass half full" kinda person. I envisioned walking my little friends on warm, crisp, rainless fall days and then coming home to lightly dust their paws off with those cute little towels. What was I thinking? I must be delusional. Has Alberta always had this much rain in September? Maybe it just wasn't such an important aspect of my life before. Rain causes dirt to turn into mud!!!!! Consequently, I do lots of "dog laundry". The pups even have their own laundry basket adorned with a plastic blue bone! I also spend a lot of time sweeping and cleaning my front entrance way.

Here is my major dilemma. Every morning, Rob takes the dogs out for a walk before going to work. He then cleans their paws and they come and cuddle in bed with me until I get up. So now each morning, I wake up to muddy paw spots all over my cream coloured blankets. :( Yesterday there was even a cake of mud. Today it was dirt and grass. I lint rolled off the grass before I put it in the laundry. So yes, I either continue to wash my blanket daily, or get up at the crack of dawn. Yes 6:30 a.m. is the crack of dawn for me. I am NOT a morning person. Rob suggested the early rising, as it will give me more time to do my 18 hours of weekly house cleaning that this place will require. ;) It is smaller on the top floor but has lots of dark surfaces that show every mark and a cleaning ladies nightmare of a bathroom to clean! And, don't get me started on stainless steel appliances!! My old white ones only needed a by- yearly wipe over!! ;) I'm not trying to sound like an ingrate or even worse a princess, but I was really hoping for less cleaning. On the up side, Rob has no lawn to mow, no driveway to shovel and a very little garage to keep in order! Hmmm....... He has offered to help with cleaning but I would feel bad about that. He works hard every day and I am at home, so I feel this should be my job.

Rob is all very positive about this muddy life of ours and has assured me that it is only temporary. He reminded me that it was exactly the same in 1990 when we built a house and the girls were little. Diane was almost three and Lisa was one. That only counts for two feet (Lisa wasn't walking yet) versus eight paws!!! Plus, I was younger then. I was more a "fly by the seat of my pants" kinda girl then! I'm old now and set in my ways!! ;) So now I can only hope for one thing...... an early snow!! Yes, I said it!! Even a frost would be good! Frozen mud is happy mud!! :)

So, thanks for letting me vent. Hey, are any of you guys still with me? ;) I am feeling a bit cranky today as I am fighting a cold bug. On the upside, Rob came home to let the dogs out and even brought me chicken noodle soup from Timmy's!! Score!! I was saved walking outside in a fever induced haze. However, I still had to answer the door in all my glory to the water bottle man. Poor young fellow. The look on his face as he saw my wrinkled flannels and sticking up hair. hee hee Then, moments later, the painter showed up for some more paint touch ups. Yay, more sanding and white dust to clean!!! Oh well, it's better than mud!! :)

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Jenny!!!! you are soooo cute and I read every line and felt your pain! But it is ALL good...... I know you love your new place and ALL that comes along with it. Go scrap a little and show us more of your amazing work!

  2. Hopefully it will get better for you as you start feeling better. I have black appliances so I feel your pain.... every little piece of dust shows. I went from a nice soft oak to Cherry wood throught out my house.... I must have bumped my head. Looks great but yikes! I must say a little better this year as they finished building the school down the street so we now have less dust.... I understand... it will get better I assure you.

  3. Hang in there Jen! It will get better! I can feel your pain!! We built our house we are in now 6 years ago!! We moved in the end of October! Two kids, two dogs = alot of mud!!! Once it froze, it was better! Plus, we were able to sneak in the last cut of sod in mid November that year and get that rolled out! I was a cleaning lady for awhile not too long ago.. so truly I do feel your pain on all of it!! I hope you are feeling better after eating your chicken soup!!! Hope you can scrap alittle.. it is a great destresser!! :)

  4. I hear you, Jen! It really has been a LOT of rain. The extra cleaning - especially the mud - would weigh on me, too. When we first found Maggie, I found it really overwhelming because she's so big that you could see her paw prints whenever she walked across the laminate, she brings in a tonne of dust, she sheds a tonne etc., etc. It's a challenge! Plus, the grey skies don't help one's mood - and you are usually so very cheerful! I hope you're feeling better soon. Any chance that Rob could take a wet rag to the puppies' paws before they get into bed with you? Or could you put an old throw on the bed over top of your blanket to cut down on laundry/wear-and-tear on your comforter? Good luck with this - I really hope things start to improve!

  5. hey Jen - sorry that you are feeling under the weather - doesn't help the situation of new construction. Once you can get back in your studio you will be like the rest of us that kick the dust ball under the fridge where no one can see it. By the way "Rob works all day" - unless he's somewhere else during the day - that's an overstatement - his workplace runs it's self!! Tomorrow there will be a little "canning" surprise for you! t

  6. I totally know what ya mean... when we bought our home we were only the third finished house on our street so there was lots of dirt and dust!! With four dogs and a toddler, there is always dirt to sweep up in the house... some days it drives me crazy!! Hang in there... it'll get better!! :)

  7. oh me ! oh my ! with the muddy paws & all ! you hang in there , hun ! early breaking in pains I guess ! ;( i do understand the hassle of soo much cleaning up after ! grrr ! but yes ! this too shall pass ...

    ((((((((((big hugs ))))))))))

  8. LOL to Terry's comment....
    I think you should definitely let him help you at least a little bit around the house - he doesn't have it that hard around here! Don't let him tell you otherwise!


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