Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up and Running

Well, I finally have my new scrappy space, "studio" if you will ;), organized!! It has been lots of fun and although this room is smaller, it seems to have a better layout! I went through everything and did a major purge. Feels good to take inventory and to be able to donate some fun crafting supplies to my community. I'm hoping to arrange a drop off at the Boys and Girls Club.

So here is the warning. This will be photo heavy. My sister Susan has been waiting for this post to see the new set up. If you find it totally boring, I totally understand if you opt out of this post!! :)

Here is the view from the doorway. As I have mentioned before, my studio basically has all the furniture that nobody else in the family wants. I am happy to say that I have inherited Rob's desk that used to be in his computer room. He doesn't have a computer room anymore. I am loving having this larger space to work.

Here is the left side of the room.

Here is the right side of the room.

This photo frame sits above my Cricut. I have put some of my favourite nature photographs in it.
Below my Cricut, I have yarn and cross-stitching supplies.

Here are some baskets of embellishments. My sewing machine and some craft magazines sit below.

These pictures are from Ikea. I bought them for the old studio just before we decided to move. I decided to put them away until we moved. It was fun to finally get them up.

Here is my desk area. This bulletin board will hold some inspirational ideas eventually. Yeah, I have been creatively blank lately so this photo is quite symbolic! ;) I bought these tall floor lamps at Ikea for $10 each. Gotta love Ikea. I'm hoping these will help with my lack of lighting in this room. I am missing my amazing lighting that was in my old room. We took the ceiling light fixture cover off to expose the light bulbs for better light. It looks a bit raw, but I'm all about function these days. Eventually I am hoping to find a fixture that will give good bright light.

This is my new wall rub on. For those of you that remember the hunt for a second rub on that I had in my last room that read, "Every day comes bearing it's gifts. Untie the ribbons.", I am sad to report that although I did find this rub on, I was unable to apply it to the wall. I think it may have been old stock and I was unable to get the rub on to come off the backing paper. :( I am happy with this new saying because it holds meaning for me. :)

I decided to keep all my albums in my space so I bought this bookshelf at Ikea. Yes these 8.5 x 11 albums hold some beauties!! LOL

Oh, here is my "artsy" photo. ;)

This bookshelf, I also inherited! It used to be in one of our spare bedrooms. It was actually in Rob's bedroom as he grew up, so needless to say, it is old!!! LOL I have some more albums, as well as my collection of chipboard albums in the white basket. Then I have my Cricut cartridges, adhesives, some Christmas embellishments and the black case hold hand made cards.
Here is where my paper is stored. The small white shelf was given to me from Lisa. It doesn't fit in her bathroom at the condo. Yay me!! It holds buttons and flowers. The black flowers on the wall are plastic and dimensional. They are by Umbra and are really fun and whimsical. They are $25 and you get 25 flowers. My girls would have loved something like this for their bedrooms when they were teenagers! I'm glad that I have a spot to put something this kitchy!! :)

And last but not least..... this basket is made out of rolled up woven pages of magazines! Just loved the "green" aspect of this and it seemed perfect for a room filled with paper! I got it on sale at Urban Barn for $5!!!! I have had my eye on these baskets but couldn't justify the regular price.
So, I hope that this post has not been too painful. I am happy to say that I actually did some scrapping last night. I did a LO for my last assignment for Creative Scrappers. The DT time just flew by and it was so much fun! I'll still be playing along for sure. I am happy to say that Aphra is still on the DT as well as two more of my bloggy friends, Frances and Kim!! Congratulations ladies!! I am looking forward to seeing your creations! :)

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. You're room looks fantastic! Makes me want to go clean mine! I hope it brings you lots of inspiration! :)

  2. Your room looks fantastic!!! I love the IKEA prints you have up!! Great minds must think alike, as I almost bought those for my room..still contemplating!!! I hope you are enjoying yourself! I can't wait to see all of your new creations!! :)

  3. Beautiful space, Jen! You're very lucky to have such a great room to escape into your scrappy world. Can't wait to see it all in person this spring!! :-)

  4. Jen, congratulations on your room, it looks very inviting, comfortable and it's very pretty. Can't wait to see your creations!

  5. What a beautiful space. I need to get mine this organized:)

  6. Your space is great Jen - glad you are back up and running - heard you were a little under the weather too, I can relate as my throat was pretty sore yesterday and today I'm snuffy. Looking forward to seeing your new projects. Have you cut with vinyl yet on your Cricut?? With my "Make the Cut" I can print out any kind of wording - just let me know if you have a design in mind. You know how to find me! t

  7. wow ! you sure have everything in order in your scrap space ! woot !!! time to get the scrappy momentum going now ! love all the pics that you've put in the frames / walls ! ;)

  8. Lookin good Jen-I sure hope it gets you back in the scrappy mojo! I miss ur stuff and seriously will miss ur inspo at CS!

  9. love the new scrap room!! it's so organized... i don't think my room has ever stayed organized for more than a day... i hope you have better luck with keeping it that way!! :)

  10. Oh, well done Jennifer! Your room looks fantastic and so organized! I hope you will have many years of happy creative time in there. Can't wait to see some layouts soon! :)

  11. Yay!!! Love it, Jen! You are so freakin' organized - what an inspiration! I love the artwork and photos you have up. Just gorgeous! I'm hoping to get into my scrap room this weekend. Fingers crossed! Are you feeling settled in to the new place? I always find it's refreshing to live in a new place, but it takes a while for it to feel "yours".

    I hope the weather is as beautiful there as it is here! :)

  12. Wow..Awesome space you have!! Can I come play?? LOL the new blog look!! Super awesome!

  13. wow wow wow wow wow wow how cool does your room look, so orgarnised, clean and I llove the soft muted tomes...gorgeous


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