Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where is my Mojo?

Hello bloggy friends! Just popping in to say hello! I have nothing scrappy to share as I seem to have lost my mojo this week. :( So very sad and somewhat alarming because this usually doesn't happen in my scrappy life. Could it be that I over scrapped last week? I never thought that there was such a thing. hee hee Maybe it is "scrapbook overstimulation"! Did I save too many sketches to do, LO's to scraplift, magazine clippings to inspire me? Did I post too many comments, view too many new paperlines, search for too many new challenge sites and lose too much sleep to scrappy thoughts? I think I have a diagnosis here!!!! LOL

I do have two pieces of news to share. First off, my sister Susan has finally started a scrappy blog! I am so very excited that my hounding has payed off. Pesty little sister, ya that's me! ;) You can find her first post here. Pop over and say hello if you have a chance! :)

Secondly, I wanted to share the title of a book that I just finished reading. See, something good has come of my scrapping break, I actually read a book. I really did read before I entered the cyber world of scrapping about two years ago.

So, it is called "Room". It is by a Canadian author, Emma Donoghue.

I don't want to say too much or give anything away but, it is written from the perspective of a 5 year old boy. A sad subject but a story of the strength of the human spirit and our instinct to survive. It is a hard book to put down and after I finished it, the story keeps popping back into my mind.

Lastly, I am toying with the idea of starting to share some vintage clipart periodically. I could spend hours on these sites, just looking through these wonderful images from long ago. Illustrations from children's books and old advertisements are some of my favourites. I think I need to invest in a good printer so I can take advantage of some of this amazing and free stuff on my LO's. I'll leave you with this.

Happy Scrapping!! Jen


  1. Oh Jenn I know what you mean. I have actually stepped back from doing any sketches or color changes for the past couple weeks. It felt more like work instead of being fun. So I have just been playing and it's really been fun. I made some 3x3 cards and a tote. Knitted a hat and now I'm crocheting a I hope you get your mojo back soon. Off to check out your sisters site :)and by the way the vintage stuff sounds awesome!


  2. I'm sure you'll get your scrappy mojo back soon... and yay for reading... I need to start picking up books more often again... I used to always be reading something but with a toddler and a scrappy obsession, there isn't much time left for anything else!! lol Anyway, I'm off to check out your sisters blog!! :)

  3. I hear ya on the over stimulation......hope it comes back soon

  4. ooooo ! i love that vintage image ! now i can see
    where the crinkled ribbon idea comes from ! from times gone by ! lol

    congrats to Susan too on the new blogging start !

    Don't worry too much about losing the mojo - alas it happens - maybe look out for World Cardmaking Day - loads of prizes to be won just by leaving a comment - go check it out !

  5. Ooof, that's a tough one! Glad to hear that you're reading, though. That book looks good...but I have to be prepared for the really sad stuff! I think this one is a "Heather's Pick" at Chapters, if I'm not mistaken? I've had really good luck with those! Right now I'm reading Ellen Degeneres' first book - it's just something light before bed. I'm also going to jump back into The Book of Negroes which I started in the summer but accidentally left in a hotel room. I found another copy at Value Village, and I'm excited to pick it up again - what an incredible story!!

    I know your mojo will come back to you. For us scrappy types, it's like your shadow. It can't leave for long and it follows you whether you like it or not! Off to check out your sister's blog now... :)


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