Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Secret of "Sweetness"

Last night I started to plan how I would prepare to cut into my Pink Paislee "Sweetness" paper. It was finally time to unlock the mystery of how to use this paper that I find so daunting. I immediately thought of Pearl. Now, what would Pearl do? I imagined Pearl sitting in her scrappy space, in sunny Singapore, surrounded by bottles of mists and other artsy medium. I could just see her misting, splattering, dabbing, dripping and blotting! She would be creating magic! I then thought about my collection of 4 bottles of mist, 3 of which match no paper line ever created. :(

Next I could see Pearl taking out her collection of custom made hand dyed ribbon. Hmm maybe she would make some especially to match this line! Once again, I thought of my small container of ribbon of which I can never really figure out what to do with and how to really get it to stick to my paper for life! :( At the end of my vision of Pearl's scrappy goodness, I imagined her reaching for that perfect button and placing it on her LO. This button is so original that most of us have never seen one in all of our scrappy searches!!!!

After all of these thoughts, I was nowhere nearer to cutting, so I decided to take Pearl's advice and not only do my "thang" but to also do some "fussy" cutting. So a fussy cutting I began!! I had a somewhat restless night's sleep, as by bedtime, I had not really decided what photo to scrap and had yet to pick out a sketch for inspiration. Yes, the tortured artist in me rears it's ugly head once again as I awake in the middle of the night, wide awake and trying to solve my creative dilemmas. ;)

So here is what I have created on about 3.5 hours of sleep. Pearl, I hope I have done you proud. :)

The key to my using these papers seems to be in mixing them up with some less busy MME "Lost & Found". The "not glittery" sheets, that it. I elevated some of my flowers with pop dots to add dimension.

I used the pattern of the pink MME border sheet to house my journaling. The word happy already printed and then the "sweetest day" rub on. Even the PP yellow rose pin seems anchored as it sits in it's frame.

The chipboard buttons are by Graphic 45 and the vintage alpha card is Jennie Bowlin. I never did end up using a sketch for this one. I let the product be my inspiration.

Well, I feel that I have successfully conquered "Sweetness". I have enough to make one more LO. {sigh} I think I need to rest up and play with something easy and whimsical next. Thank you Pearl, for being such a great scrappy friend and always giving me the push I need. :)

Happy Scrapping!! Jen


  1. wow...... Not only I enjoyed your page but I was fascinated by your creating process!!!!!! You truly are a designer.... love, love your page. Gorgeous!

  2. What a fun post to read! And a really nice LO! Love those Graphic 45 embellishments too. I'm sure Pearl will be proud. :-)

  3. this is gorgeous!! Loved reading the inspiration behind the awesome.
    Thanks for the comment on my scraproom..I'm just loving it..I know it doesn't look different but it actually is. LOL


  4. I definitely see Pearl's inspiration! I love it, Jen! :) Way to break out of your scrappy box! :)

  5. i'll wait to see what Pearl writes, but I am certain she will be proud of your layout - so neat to see you scrap "outside" your comfort zone. Thanks for describing the steps for us -we all get stumped sometimes. Hope you and the doggy children got to have a nap!!

  6. Your layout is Beautiful!!! You did an awesome job designing this one. Shari (cricutrookie)

  7. i love what you created with the sweetness line!! gorgeous layout and gorgeous pic too!! love it!! :)

  8. o grrl ! you got me ROTFL by the time I reached the pt of customing crinkled ribbons to match the PP Sweetness ! you are too funny , hun !!!! love ya !!!!

    This gorgeous layout is soo classic you !!! way to go with the fussy cutting , girl ! lol I only mentioned that cos my scrappy friends over here in Singapore would tell me the same too ! those roses were made for cutting out ! i hope you enjoyed trying that out a bit ! The result is definitely awesome here & well worth every effort , huh ! Love how you mixed in some JB, MME & even G45 ! wow ! wow ! wow ! I must remember your tip here - yellow with a neutral color is all good !

    & guess what, me thinks I have to go buy this line today , just for the fun of joining in with everyone round the world who like this line ! teehee !

    cant wait to see what else you do with this line ! ;) enjoy !


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