Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 10 in 2010

I decided to jump on board this year with a review of my favourite LO's.  It was really fun to look back on my creations of the past year, not only to see how my work has changed but mostly to relive the memories of the photographs.  I think we sometimes forget that this is the main reason we scrap.  I do tend to get caught up in the design aspect, not to mention the fun of playing with new products.

So here they are in no particular order.

This is always the time of year that I tend to reflect and make a few goals.  Not saying that I actually accomplish said goals ;) ......... but, I do believe that it is good to have goals, a planned path.  So this is what has been rattling around my head.

- I am wanting to decrease the amount of LO's that I do.  Yes, decrease.  I have been on a major scrappy tangent for the past two years and have basically abandoned some of my other hobbies, namely, knitting, reading, cross-stitching and baking cookies.  The cross-stitching may still be off the table due to decreased eyesight and I really should not bake too many cookies anyway as healthy eating is yet another one of my goals.  But hey, don't we all say that every new year and then by about January 6th we are back to our old ways! LOL  Anyway, I really do want to do more knitting and reading. :)  I am also running out of space to house all these albums!  How many albums will I have by the time I am a senior?  Will my house look like one of those houses on "Hoarders"?

- I want to make all of this year's cards.  No store bought and no more buying BG card making kits.  I plan on making cards for all the celebrations, Valentines, Easter, Halloween etc.

- I want to get into making more mini albums with the idea of making some for gifts. Maybe I will try my hand at journals too.

- I also want to do less sketch challenges and design more of my own LO's.  Having said this, I am planning on trying out for the next DT at The Scrappiest.  I LOVE Liz's sketches and the fun vibe of Liz's blog is for me what scrapping is all about.  I soooo want to be on that DT!!! :)

- My ongoing goal is to use up the stash and stop buying so much new stuff.  I am never successful in this goal and shouldn't even voice it.  If Susan is reading this she is probably rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter! ;)  Having voiced this goal, I did receive a wonderful gift card to my favourite LSS from a certain sister of mine for Christmas!!  Circa 1934 when are you coming to a LSS near me????? I NEED you!!!

So, wish me luck with these plans as I'll need it!  LOL  It will be fun to look back on this post next year and see how little  I have accomplished but.... hey, it's good to have goals, right????  ;)  I guess that my main goal this year should be to just have fun scrapping.  The goal to have a portion of the day that I just escape into a solitary creative mode of pure happiness.  The goal to create something that will preserve a memory of the simple everyday joys.  I know that I did accomplish this as a goal for 2010. :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)



  1. i love all of these layouts, jen!! great goals too!! :)

  2. Nice post, Jen. Good luck with your goals for the year - especially the one about not buying new scrapping stuff. ;-) ROFL (rolling on floor laughing!)

  3. I am ROFL'ing at the no shopping goal. I always have that one and NEVER succeed!!! All of your LO's are just gorgeous!! I have always adored Winter Flower with the pine cone. That is the first time I have seen the one with the geese!! Adorable! And is that Baby Thomas in the one below the geese?? Oh my!! That is just beautiful Jen!!! First I have seen of that one too!! Each one is just wonderful! I used to do a lot of cross-stitching too! It has been taken up by scrapbooking. And after being chosen for Imaginisce's DT, along with Martha's, scrapping less is not an option. The first part of next year will be a crazy one. I go back to work for our tax season (mid January-April 15). I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!

  4. great go on posting up your goals here , grrl! yeah I would love to see you on the Scrappiest DT ! for sure ! & yay ! on cardmaking ! & you will be alrite without any card kits ! for sure ! lol I am happiest making & giving away cards sooo .....I'm supporting you !!!

    & i know what you mean about how many are we gonna have ? lol

    & as for shopping - alternatively shop by buying from friends ? that could save a bundle ( if you dont mind that they're not the latest ! ) & having said that - we're congratulating ourselves here buying the latest 7 Gypsies Lille 8x8 paper pad & 4 persons shared out the papers ! woot ! first time in history I managed that ! I also lugged home OA's Modern Homemaker ....;) but bought it below cost I do believe ! woot !

  5. Gorgeous LOs, Jen, and so nice to see them all again in one post! Good for you for setting some goals for yourself. I find that the older I get the more I really think about what I want and am therefore more likely to successfully make a change...and considering that the things you want are really attainable and are going to make you happy, I think you stand an excellent chance! I know what you mean about abandoning other hobbies. I feel like I don't read anywhere near as much as I'd like to, but I just always find myself choosing other things to do. That said, I think it's a goal for me to get to scrap more than I have been - maybe once a week - since I haven't been scrapping much lately (until Christmas vacation, that is.) It's my hope, though, that I'll continue to branch out with scrapping and become a better scrapbooker in the process. I'm considering applying for the Creative Scrappers DT in January/February! I'm loving sketch challenges, and I think this would be fun for me. Thank you for being such an inspiration in that regard, by the way! I am loving the direction that sketches are taking me in, and that is very much inspired by your work! I would love to work with one of your sketches at some point, by the way, if you wouldn't mind. :) Happy New Year!! :) PS: I forgot to put it in my blog post, but the way I put the banner on my "Happy Little Boy" LO (the most recent one on my blog) and the whole use of the owls, etc. was inspired by your LO of Thomas!! :) Thank you!!

  6. OOOO delish delish delish, you def have a way with mixing yo the pattern paper and embellies, I look forward to more inspiration in 2011! happy new year!

  7. Your style is so pretty, fun, and elegant! Each of your layouts are really touching and sweet. :) I have so enjoyed looking at your beautiful work and reading your goals! :)))


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