Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Too Lumpy

Lately I have been reevaluating how I house my LO's.... my album system.  I have to say that I am not too happy. {sigh}  I have noticed that as the years have gone by,  my albums have gotten thicker by the year.  Since beginning 12x12 albums in 2005, I have always used post bound albums however, I neglected to fiddle around with extra posts, so consequently most of my albums don't actually shut. ;) Susan tried to encourage her little sister to take the time to adjust these albums before beginning but her little sister didn't listen! ;)

I am also guilty of some pretty lumpy embellishing.  What can I say, I love to layer things!!!  Here is the evidence.

Lumpy stickpins

Large thick BG buttons with a BG brad on top

Pink Paislee cork with a thick PP brad on top

and the worst....  cork with a bingo chip on top and vintage JC buttons on chipboard!!

Oh I do love the look of all of this but once it is in the album.... oh my!!  :(  The plastic protectors get all wrinkly and some of my pages warp because of lumpy embellishments pushing into them. :(  Is it just me who worries about these things? ( Well, and Susan too!)  I know that we are a bit fussy about patterned papers getting creased and don't like it when retailers fail to give these papers the respect that they deserve!  ;)  Are scrapbook albums supposed to have that warped look to them?  Is this what scrapbooking is all about?

So last night I revamped my albums a bit.  Took some pages out of really thick albums and spread them out into new albums making them thinner.  I reorganized my shelving to give my albums more "breathing room".  I feel a bit better about how things are sitting now!  :)

When I told my tale of woe to Lisa, her advice was this.  "It is what it is.  Unless, you want to start buying a shadow box for each LO and hang them up all over your walls."  Hmmm She always was the logical child!

So here is my plan.  First off, I am going to give the American Craft D ring album a go!  It is recommended by Stephanie.

 I think these albums will allow pages to have more room in between plus there will be no fiddling with posts.  I am just not patient enough for this.  My next goal is to TRY to be less lumpy!!!!  Can I do it?  Can I save the really lumpy stuff for cards and chipboard albums?  I think I am going to take a step back in my scrappy process.  My wish is for things to lay more flat like they did in 2005. I will have more of a paper focus rather than hard plastics etc.  I hope that I can adapt to this simpler approach.  Think of the extra room I will have on my shelves!!  I am totally out of shelf space in the studio and will have to make plans to buy a new shelf to put in my family room.  Hmm maybe my daughter's generation who have all of their pictures on the computer are onto something. Are my photo albums consuming my life???? ;)   But what would my days be without my creative outlet???  Can't even imagine it!  I need the tactile experience of playing with paper!! :)

Well, I am off to work on some LO's for my friend's little guy.  I have about 8 more to do to complete his album.  I will use these pages as a transition to ease out of the lumpy and into the smooth!  Wish me luck!!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. Those AC D-ring albums are all I use Jen and they are great for the lumpiness that we soo love. Good luck on going from fluffy to flat! heheheheeee

  2. Those D-ring albums are the way to go!! I had the same problem as you and these made my life SO much easier!!! LOL
    Good luck with the flat pages ;-)

  3. Oh.... I feel your pain! I started using those ring albums about 3 years ago and I love them. I also promised myself to go flatter this year and double-pages ONLY. I hate how my son's wedding album looks. I wish I would have done two pagers...

  4. I'm sure the D Ring albums are the way to go for yer , grll! Mine are kept in boxes . No album problem . lol

  5. I went D-ring and I'll never go back! It definitely helps with the dimension-issue, Jen, because I had the same problem. Also, since I like to organize my albums chronologically, it makes it soooo much easier to add in pages. I can't tell you how many hours of my life I will never get back because of those stupid posts! LOL I have a couple of post-bound albums just sitting there now in case I want to use them for gifts or something, but I'm sticking with D-ring. That said, the shelf space definitely becomes and issue, flatter is probably better! :) Can't wait to see your new flatter style! LOL

  6. Definitely give the AC a go. That's what I use and I do love my lumpy, bumpy layouts! There are some gorgeous little clusters of embellishments here

  7. Frances and I have these same debates, my friend. And we've come to the same conclusion as you. We like lumpy, so we'll just have more albums. And we too use the AC D rings. LOVE them. Best of luck to ya!


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