Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Power of a Good Haircut

Yes, we know this as women but did you know that the same holds true for our canine friends?  Introducing Lady sporting the classic Poodle look!!

Wow,  she almost looks like a Poodle!!  Well.... except for those ears!

Wait, there's more!!  The classic Poodle profile shot!  Looking pretty regal even for Lady!  tee hee

The classic Poodle profile shot with photo editing.  Antiquing and shooting into the light will always add beauty. :)

Notice the poofy tail and leg pom poms!   Classy "Lady" if I do say so myself.  She so knows that she is looking good. hee hee

And just so you don't think that I have forgotten about my other two loves.....


and Maggie!!

The big dogs had their grooming yesterday.  Lady missed them when they were gone and went to the door a few times looking for them.  She was so happy when I brought them back home.  Lady went today and I have to say that G&M were not quite as excited upon her return. ;)

Here is the look.  "What!!  You brought her back!!!"   Maggie just looks like she has lost her will to live, yet again.  ;)

Guess I should have warned you all that this post is just basic ramblings from a somewhat crazy dog lady.  This is what happens when your kids grow up and you are an empty nester!! LOL

I may be back tomorrow with some ramblings on my recent thoughts about lumpy LO's.  It is somewhat of a dilemma. :(

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. That dog is looking so good these days!! The other two are pretty cute too. ;-)

  2. They're looking great, Jen! Cute puppies! :)

  3. Sweet!

    Even after landing here a few times now, your lovely fresh colour scheme still makes me feel brighter - just thought I'd let you know :)


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