Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This & That

Hello bloggy friends!  Nothing much scrappy going on around here.  Other than organizing the studio last night, I have been MIA for two days.  I would like to tell you that this is because our weather has been amazing and I have been out enjoying it but...... not the case.  It has stopped snowing though!!  Yay!!

I have been busy doing a little bit of this

and a lot of this. :(

If only I had some kind of a "house cleaning fairy" who would show up at night and get it all done.  LOL  I did discover Motivated Moms while blog surfing yesterday.  It is a printable chore list that tells you exactly what cleaning tasks to do each day, so your house is always looking good and you don't get stuck with the big cleaning day once a week.  I like the idea of just doing a bit each day.  I will tweak the list to better suit my needs but it is a wonderful plan to start with!  It is $8 to download it.

I have really been watching all the new CHA releases being announced.  So much fun to see what will be coming soon as well as to look for some trends.  I am seeing lots of the "flag banner" look and award ribbons.

This is an album by Maya Road.

These are embellishments by Jenni Bowlin.

I have two more items on my wish list.

These just make me smile!!!  Layered up they will be awesome!!  They are by Cosmo Cricket.

I can't wait to get my hands on some of these by Jenni Bowlin!  Just too cute!!

Hope you are all seeing a few things that you fancy.  Always nice to play with the latest look!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. now these look suddenly desirable , my dear - spotlighted here like this - actaully the CC butterflies & doilies remind me of the CP Restoration line muchly ! lol - I have barely used that line come to think of it !

    yeah ! sounds good - doing a bit of what we really need to do everyday !!! lol

  2. Hi Jen- thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the counterfeit kit challenge. If you win you will have to come to California to pick it up...and then you can enjoy the perfect 80 degree we are having this week. LOL!

  3. I'm loving all the sneaks, Jen! Thank you! As for the cleaning, I'm partial to Have you heard of it? I'm housework-challenged. It's not that I won't do it, it's just that I don't know what to do half the time and I get overwhelmed by it. I like that she tells me what to do! LOL


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