Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scrap 1 Knit 4

Hello bloggy friends!!  Well there really isn't much scrapping going on around here but the bamboo knitting needles are moving so fast that they are at risk of igniting! ;)   I have been working on my hats for charity.  Susan, our mother and my MIL are all working on some knitting.  By next fall we will have a good bundle to find a good home for. :)

Modeling my latest creations..... Gus sporting a wonderful "seafoam green" in size large.

Maggie and Lady showing off a wonderful mix of spring colours, both in size small.

hee hee They almost look embarrassed.

Here is my knitting assistant, Lady.  She loves to sit on my shoulder and snuggle in. I don't know why I always look mad when I knit.  The girls call it my "knitting face."

Time for a snuggle with Rob.

Not a very productive day,  just sitting on the sofa and watching T.V. but lots of fun just the same.  

Hopefully I will put down my knitting needles long enough to head on down to the studio and create something .... soon.  I am now two weeks behind on Elizabeth's challenges but I will eventually catch up.  There are some challenges that don't appeal to me and I have decided to opt out of.  I still plan on posting them though so the entire 52 will be posted.  Hmm... maybe I'll cheat and post some of these and then be caught up!  :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!  Happy Knitting.... I mean Scrapping!!  ;)  Jen :)


  1. You're a knitting rockstar! What a donation to charity that will be. Your knitting face looks like my putting-on-make-up-face! LOL

  2. LOL Funny dogs!! Maybe I should get our cats to model some of my creations! Whadaya think?? LOL

  3. Serious bussiness this knitting... lol! Your assistant looks like she's ready to give advise at short notice. Love the hats. Have fun! :)

  4. What sweet hats ,grrll ! especially when modelled on your fur babes ! lol I cant seem to develop a second craft interest apart from cardmaking & scrapping ! hmmmm knitting is definitely out for me ! the weather's too hot ! lol


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