Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sneak Peek

Susan and I had a totally scrappy day yesterday!  Always so much fun and the day flies by like it is only minutes.  Check out Susan's blog for some sneaks!  Here is one more peek!

I was totally in my scrappy comfort zone yesterday, as I edged away from bling and Prima flowers and got to do some baby themed stuff.  Yes, I did sew on some buttons!!!  Yay!!!! ;)  That sweet little baby face is my brother Andrew.  He was less than happy that day, having his photograph taken by a photographer. Poor little guy with tears in his eyes. :(  I am seven years older than Andrew so I remember lots of his babyhood.

Just had to share my latest photo of the lovely Lady.  She was laying in the doorway of my bedroom enjoying a sunny patch and had all her stuffies with her, of course.  She spends much of her day moving stuffies around, playing with them and hiding them away in her kennel.  First thing in the morning, as I get the pups' breakfast ready, she starts organizing them.  She is a funny little creature with so much personality.

Hope you all have a great day with some time to create!  I might just head on down to the studio and scrap this photo!  Will Kioshi be a good fit?  It has been calling my name to come and play!  :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. My mother had a black poodle when I was a teen. He used to take my little stuffed dolphin and run like hell with it and hide it. I could bury it on the bottom of all of my stuffed animals and he would find it!! All she had to do was tell him to go get "Beep Beep". I LOVE the page of your brother!!! I am so so excited to see your book!!! that photo of him is just precious!

  2. The sneak looks great, Jen. Can't wait to see the whole thing next time I'm over.

  3. Oh my! I see lots of Prima paper put to good use on that sneak !

    & I never heard of dogs organizing stuffies until now ! too cute ! She sounds just adorable , your Lady !

    Sure hope you cut into more of the BG Kioshi !
    I just finished a mini album with Hopscotch . ;) will show when I can !

  4. wow.... love those stitches!!!! can't wait to see th rest. And your puppy is adorable!!!!!

  5. :) I can't wait for the full reveal, Jen! What a cute colour combo for that adorable photo! :)

  6. how exciting your album sounds. As for Lady - your stories make me smile how you saved her and gave her such a great life!!

  7. Love your sneak & what a cute pic of Lady - we have 3 poodles & they are a ridiculously smart & personable breed of dogs :) Looking forward to seeing your layout with this pic!!!

  8. The sneeks look fabulous - seems like there are lots of beautiful little details to enjoy (especially stitching! I love stitching!)


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