Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Challenge #8

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Well this week I actually got my challenge done!

Challenge #43 Sew on your LO in an innovative way.

I love sewing on my LO's.  Wasn't sure how to do this in an innovative way??  I think that all sewing looks terrific and adds the perfect detail.  Here is my LO!  Thomas looks soooo cute here.  Another amazing photograph by his Auntie Carolyn!  She is so talented!

I used the border paper that already had holes in it to sew that design.  I also sewed onto the patterned paper behind the photo.  I wanted to bring out the design of the grid that appeared in the sketch that I was using.

Here is the sketch from The Scrappiest.  I thought that the patchy BG sheet would be perfect instead of using four separate squares of paper in the design.

I figure that this challenge is the perfect place for me to give my humble opinion on some current hand sewing "helpers"  out there for purchase these days.

Here is the lovely Gus showing you my products.  Yes he walked into yet another one of my shots. ;)  

First up the tool by We are Memory Keepers.  Kind of like a rotary blade in design.  It cost me almost $11 and I don't recommend it.  It is almost impossible to roll it in a straight line.  Very hard to control but would be great if you were wanting to do some curvy lines on a LO.  I might try this for a different look and to say I actually got a bit of use out of this.

Here is the a ruler by Tim Holtz.  A gift from Susan and I am loving it!  It is the perfect piercer.  The holes are in such small incriments!  Susan and I both find that it is not great to use as a cutting edge.  It also has a center line so it is a great tool for finding your center point!

Well, I am off to a winter wedding today!  I've never been to a wedding in February.  It is a crisp sunny day just perfect for a winter wedding.  You know that you are getting old when children you saw grow up are getting married!!  Danielle was three years old when I first met her.  She was our backyard neighbour.  There she sat happily playing in her sand box.  A sweet memory to have.  She was often in Diane's school classes and Diane had her first sleepover at Danielle's.  Lisa later dated little brother Caloy.  Lots of history and family memories here.  I'm hoping to get some pictures. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!  Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. Yes, there will be some lovely layouts in that story I'm sure :)

    i'm enjoying the different new looks you are trying out on the blog

  2. thanks for the review of the Memory Keepers Tools - I have often thought I would like one of those. I do enjoy my Tim Holtz ruler and use a piece of Fun Foam under my page to poke in to. I sometimes want to sew around a circle so am looking for the perfect tool for that. Love the blues in the LO of little Thomas!!

  3. This is adorable, Jen, and you definitely got the "innovative" component! As soon as you said that, I wasn't sure how you would do it either, because you sew so often that it would be a tough one! I love this colour palette, too. It must be so nice to have a tiny baby to scrap! :) Thanks for the reviews of the sewing products, too. I almost bought that WRMK tool, but I wondered about making it straight - thanks for clearing that up before I wasted my money! :)

  4. absolutely adorable Thomas looks here ! & great baby layout with the BG Hopscotch ! woot !

    & I so hear you on the WRMK tool - I was told to try using the tool with a ruler to get the straight lines - obviously I havent tried ! I havent gotten over the disappointment with the tool too ! lol


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