Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The White Sisters are Scrapping......

......together!!!!  How great is that!?!!   Susan and I finally live close enough to work on a crafty passion together.  We are so excited!!  Susan came over yesterday.  She is the braver driver of the two of us.  We both share a fear of driving, as well as a fear of  getting lost.  :(  Yes these White sisters are very much alike.

So what are we working on???  My parents will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this July, so we are scrapping them a memory album together.  As much as we want to share these LO's along the way, we feel that it is only right to let my mother be the first one to see this album.  But, we will be sharing sneak peeks as well as tales of the project.  We will post the entire album this July.

It was quite the task to figure out what papers to use for this project.  We didn't want to use just one line.  Susan suggested a colour palette as a basis.  The entire paper and embellishment choices were based on these brads.

We have many paper lines chosen, Websters, Prima, Graphic 45, to name a few.  We have lots of Prima flowers and some pearl bling too!  There will be 25 pages in the album and we have the photos chosen for each page.  Yesterday we completed the title page.  Here is a peek!

We realized yesterday, how differently we scrap.  As much as we are very similar in many ways, we are also very different.  It all goes back to this prime example from when we were kids.  We would bring our Barbie cases down to the porch of our apartment building to set up and play.  Susan recalls how she would constantly hover over all of her Barbie shoes making sure that none got too close to the edge of the porch where they may fall under the porch and be lost forever.  Then there was Jennifer.  Her Barbie shoes would be scattered all over the porch.  I have no recollection of this.  hee hee  So, years later when I passed my Barbie collection onto my daughters, it made sense that there was only one pair of matching shoes and then a bunch of mismatched singles.  The mates are still sitting under the porch I imagine.  How long will it take a Barbie shoe to biodegrade?  The science question of the day.  Anyway, luckily for my girls, Susan had sons and so her Barbie collection came to them, so they did end up with matching Barbie shoes circa 1971. :)

Our scrapping process is the Barbie shoe thing all over again.  Susan constantly cleans away scraps.  Jennifer has a mess all over.  Jennifer adheres intricate die cuts with a glue stick.  Susan wonders where Jennifer's fine glue pen is, not realizing that there isn't one.  Well there is one but it is the wrong one and basically doesn't work hence the use of the gooby glue stick. ;)  Susan methodically plans where embellishments should be placed.  Jennifer throws them on.  You get the picture. ;)

We are having a hoot working on this and I am sure that my mother will love the fact that it is a joint project.  Doing this album together will also save me from getting on a totally scrappy tangent with it because we will only work on it together.  I know that if I did it solo I would end up scrapping it full force in about a week or two.  There would be sleep lost, no clean laundry, a really dirty house and thank goodness Rob cooks or we would have all starved years ago!  Susan can walk away from a scrappy project but Jennifer, not so much.

So between my blog and Susan's  we will keep you updated on the progress as well as, the adventures of making this anniversary album. :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. Oh this was so fun to read!!! I am sure your Mom is going to love the album!! Pretty color palette.

  2. Great post! I had fun reading it too! I guess we'll be relying on you to provide everybody with the nitty-gritty details of this project. I don't seem to be so good with that. LOL Can't wait to get together again tomorrow and see what we can create!

  3. What a wonderful gift!
    Did you have a process by which photos to choose? (Your sister probably did that part, hee hee)) I find I'm too unorganized to get such a project together. Maybe if I got all my photos organized it would help. Did you have other family members to help you with the photos collection? We just celebrated my parents' 50th in November and an album would have been such a great idea, except my parents aren't touchy feely, show-your-love-to-each-other-in public kind of couple, so we don't really have a whole lot of pics of them together.
    You may have covered this in previous posts, but when did you start collecting the photos?

    I love the idea of choosing a color scheme, not the lines. Makes perfect sense. I think that has been my problem sometimes. I use to do thematic albums of my kids every year, so this tip would have been helpful when I still did that. TFS

    Have a great time, and don't forget to feed your husband and kids! jk

  4. Oh my ! what fun you White sisters get up to !!! so awesome to work on this project together ! & I had no idea you're the helter skelter type ! lol that's a gorgeous sneak so far , my dear !

    & loving your creamy look for the blog here ! ;)

  5. Yay! What a fun project! Thanks for the laugh today! :)

  6. Such an enjoyable post to read! I would love to persuade my sister into a bit of scrapbooking, that would be fun, but we are pretty different characters too. I am sure that your album will be stunning - and very much appreciated


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