Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Just the Way We Roll

The White Sisters had another great day spent in a scrapping daze!  Two more LO's completed for the anniversary album!  Yay!!  My LO was one of those love/hate relationships but in the end it was all good.  We also managed a trip to Michael's to use our 40% off coupon and had lunch at the DQ.

Hmm Things I have learned today......  My hand made gold lamee flowers look like crap compared to store bought chipboard flowers.  Jute, gems and pearls can be mixed together and work.   Lastly, when I can't find my piercing pad, it is likely sitting under my LO!!

Just for fun I decided to take a photo of my scrappy area and Susan's scrappy area.  I guess it is just the way we roll.  Hard to believe we shared a bedroom growing up.  Poor Susan. ;)

Here is Susan's.  So neat and organized.  I bet she would have no trouble finding a thing in her area.

Here is mine.  hee hee  Hey, where is my piercing pad????

Here are a few peeks of today's accomplishments.  That cute little smiley face is my brother Andrew.

The scrappy sleepover is next week and we are hoping on getting 3 to 4 LO's done each.  We do need to take time out to eat and sleep and we have promised Robert a few games of Aggravation.  It will be so much fun!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. :) Yay for fun scrappy days! Loving the cute little details on your LO. In terms of scrap space, I find I go back and forth between your style and Susans...yours comes naturally to me, so I tidy everything up in between LOs (sometimes) or else I'd never be able to find anything!

  2. Glad you had fun at your day and how exciting is your sleepover sounding. Your album is going to be so fantastic. Glad you could get together, even with your "third" wheel around.

  3. It would be so fun to have a scrappy sleepover!!! So cool that your sister loves this hobby as much as you!!! umm... well.. my desk - looks like yours right now!! LOL I HAVE to pick up between each LO or two - or two if I am working out of the same kit. Otherwise, I wouldn't find anything either!! I really can't wait to see this album for your parents!! These peeks are gorgeous!

  4. LOL!!! It was a fun day and I can't wait for the sleepover. Robert probably doesn't need a game of Aggravation to be aggravated by us! hee hee ;-)

  5. eheheheh I am a bit like that, my scrap stuff is everywhere when I scrap, and I gotta say I prefer store bought flowers rather than ones I make my self!

  6. very pretty sneaks ! it's great that in spire of your different styles of tidiness , you girls get on just fine !!! have a great sleepover too ! ;)

    & no I didnt bring home any Crate ! cost too much ! some CC by way of 6x6 paper pads ! ( dont ask me why ?! I'm no big CC fan at all ! tsk ! tsk ! )

  7. Lol! I can never find the things I'm looking for either Jennifer! Can't wait to see the rest of those layouts. :)

  8. Those are very pretty sneaks - I'm especially loving the yellow feather paper (or tag?). It's beautiful.


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