Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Smash Books and Some Cards

Today I have been introduced to the concept of the Smash Book.  What is this, you may ask.  Well it is basically a new spin on your traditional scrapbook/diary.  It holds bits and pieces of things that make you happy, memorabilia, thoughts, lists, well basically anything you want it to hold.  The "real" Smash Book sells for around $12 and then there are all the fun add ons that go with the book.

 But..... why buy one when you can make one!!  Today I spent $3 at HomeSense on a 6x6 American Craft D ring album.  The possibilities are endless on how I can put this book together!   I also spent $1 at the dollar shop for a date stamp so I can easily date my entries.  This I do know... I will only use my favourite papers, my book will be very random and have no time line of completion, my book will house things that make me smile and reflect who I am and will likely have a few photos of dogs and birds in it! ;)

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge has an amazing post here all about this new and yet very old idea!  Are you up for a summer challenge???  Play along with us and we can share some smashing ideas.  hee hee

Now onto a scrappy accomplishment.  Susan and I had our Tuesday craft day yesterday and put together these fun and easy cards to donate to a community seniors home.  These cards are all inspired by a card made by Aphra Bolyer.  The Cricut makes it fast and easy and I am using up more scraps of paper!!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. I just saw a video of the Smash book and I like your idea ($$$) a lot better!!!! Love your cards!

  2. The Smash book sounds like lots of fun but I don't think I'll jump on that bandwagon right now - I need to get some LOs done and don't need more distractions! LOL

  3. Your cards are awesome, and I love that you made your own smash book! I will be really interested to see what you post about it. I saw them for sale on 2Peas, I think, and I wasn't sure how they're used. Hope all is well with you! I haven't been blogging (reading or posting!) lately, because things have been crazy at school and I've been away several's hoping things calm down soon!

  4. OH these are just lovely, I really like the colours you have chosen!

  5. A wonderful scrapping accomplishment!

    That Counterfeit post was so inspiring it made me want to have a go too. Mind you, I don't think I'd be able to get one of those little AC albums for that kind of price round here!

    I enjoyed your thoughtful comment on my blog yesterday. Thank you.

  6. Such cute little cards!
    You are the queen of counterfeit;-)

  7. wonderful use of scraps & the Cricut ! & twine too ! lol .

  8. Can't wait for updates on your smash book. The cars atte so cute


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