Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Domestic Bliss and One More of Lady

Today I am basically a prisoner in my own home.  Well,  I guess that is a bit of an exaggeration. ;)  They are applying the final pavement to the road in my condo complex so there is no leaving via the front by vehicle.  I declined taking my car out to find a spot to park in my neighbourhood and instead decided to make it a day filled with domestic bliss!  hee hee Is there such a thing?  Hours later, things are looking good around here.  There is still piles of laundry and some ironing awaiting me.  Oh joy!!

The new sketch is up at The Scrappiest.  I have done yet another LO of Lady.  Could she be the world's most scrapped dog?  Probably not.  Gus and Maggie are way ahead.  I question whether it is "normal" to scrap my fur babies so much but hey, they are my babies at this point. ;)

Here is the sketch.

Speaking of babies, I reached a new milestone in life, this past weekend.  Rob and I were at Costco doing some shopping.  A mother was pushing her sweet baby boy in a cart.  He was probably about 18 months old.  He spotted me, looked me square in the eyes, reached out for me and said, "Ga-Ma Ga-Ma".  What???  I have been mistaken for somebody's grandma!!!  hee hee  Who am I kidding?  I am old enough to be a grandma and am looking forward to one day when I am.

Hope you are all off to a great week with some creative time planned!!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. She is a grand dog, indeed. You know she's my "favourite" of your furry children. The bowtie embellishment looks really nice layered up like that. :-)

  2. This colour combo never fails to wow me. What a great layout! It's so great to know that Lady's quality of life has improved so much since she's been with you. I engaged in some domestic bliss today, too...and if I can get blogger to load my pictures, I'll post about it! :)

  3. Love how you matched the tones of the background and the photo. Very nice.

  4. WOW - gorgeous page & love that sketch!! Great work as always :)

  5. What an adorable and sweet LO my friend.I love the colour combo and all the embellies you added!!!

  6. OOoo... hand sewing and machine!! You always have so many beautiful details. Always so much to look at. I love this. Love the color palette you chose and it is a great sketch as well.

    Glad you had a good day. And, if you would like more domestic bliss, just head alittle further south and come on over to my house!! LOL (just kidding) :)

  7. love the color combo & mix of brands too ! great to see the bowtie embellie in use here .

    & what a great story with the baby & Grandma ! a sign surely ! ;) & yay for surviving being a domestic prisoner for a day ! lol !

  8. You must realize that you NEED grand children to scrap;-)

    Gorgeous layout my friend.

  9. What a lovely cheerful post! I got stuck in my house not long ago when they were tarmacing outside - it was the best excuse ever for staying in and making things all day.


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