Monday, August 22, 2011

A Hot August Day

Well, it is pretty hot here today and what am I doing?  I've got the AC cranked and I'm hiding out in the basement making Christmas cards.  Weird, eh?  It does sound weird but I know that if I don't get my cards made around this time, I won't end up making them.  This is why the past two years have been store bought. :(  I don't really like the Christmas season that much but, I do like Christmas scrapping lines!

I picked up Cosmo Cricket's Christmas line from last year at 40% off.  All of the fun cut up pages make card making a breeze.  Well, as much of a breeze as I ever find card making.  It always feels like a stressful event. ;)  These cards are very basic and flat, as they need to be mailed.  The Canadian postal system is a total rip off.  One lumpy button usually means a special trip to the post office for weighing and measuring and a cost of about $2 a card. :(

Here are my cards.

These are the sketches that I used from Mojo Monday.

Now I have to try to get the song, "Let it Snow",  out of my head!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. Very cute! Lots of great ideas here!

  2. What beautiful cards my friend.Yesterday I also had a card day too!! Love them they look so elegant as always!!

  3. Jen, they are all beautiful!What a great idea to start making them this early.

  4. They turned out really nice. :-)

  5. That's a great stash of cards! This year I'm going to try to make some for the first time ever (and it's so cold and autumn-y here that it really does feel like time to get started!)

  6. these are just delightful Jennifer, beautifully photographed as well!

  7. I love them...and I realize that I will have to start making mine too. Fortunately our postal service don't mind us sending lumpy and bumpy envelopes;-)

    I feel very much the same way you do about the current weather....but I am shouting "Come on Summer come on!

  8. These are great, Jen! What an awesome idea to use the "cut-up" pages! I love it!


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