Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Current Tangent

I have been scrapping like a crazy woman, as of late.  The October Afternoon "5 and Dime" has me in total scrappy mode and I am having so much fun!  I have four LO's to share.  I am pretty much down to scraps now but, I think I might be able to do one more LO if I can find the right sketch.

I have to say that as much as I love this line, it is somewhat difficult to work with.  The papers are so busy. I spent some time on the OA blog last night and noticed that the LOs with this line are really busy looking unless the designer just used small pieces of paper and more grid designs with not so much layering.

Now this LO has turned out to be a bit of a "Where's Waldo?" or should I say, "Where's Lady?".

Not a very relaxing LO to the eye but, I totally love that circular patterned paper and wanted to be able to see a good chunk of it forever.  I love the vintage images!  Must come from my elementary school years in the early 70's.  All our readers had these fun type of images in them.  I didn't use a sketch for this LO but thought of how Julie Bonner often divides a page in some of her designs.  I used Julie's sketches as inspiration.

Upon starting this next LO, I was determined to use lots of white space and have a calm and more minimal look.

I really wanted to mix this star patterned paper with white card stock after I saw that Marcy Penner had done it.  I would never think it would match but totally loved the look it achieved.  I mixed in some older OA supplies here too.  I love this B&W of Thomas!  This candid type of photo is my all time favourite.

Here is the sketch I used by Julie Bonner.  I love how many of Julie's sketches are linear and minimal.  Julie is the queen of getting a really clean look with very busy papers.  I knew her sketch would head me in the right direction.  Yay to white space!!

Trying to keep things calm, I found a muted combination of papers in the line, to use for my next LO.

  Love this palette with the aged look of the photo.  I wanted to document Lisa's upcoming move away from home.  Although Rob and I have felt like empty nesters for a few years now,  it was not official.  Lisa's busy life has us not bumping into each other for days in a row at times but she still lived here.  It will be weird to not have any kid bedrooms in the house.

I finally used the ever popular "Right Now" title.  Consequently, I have had Van Halen stuck in my head all afternoon.  ;)  Here is the sketch I used designed by Kristine Davidson for Creative Scrappers.

Onto the last LO,  finally.  A little more vibrant but not too busy.  Another amazing "moment in time" photo that I took of my father and my parent's friend,  Betty.  I love photos of people laughing.  I added in some embellishment from one of the Authentique lines here.  Here's to using up a few more of those Tim Holtz mini staples. hee hee

I used this week's sketch from Creative Scrappers.

Well, that's all that is scrappy today!  Hope you are all enjoying these last days of summer.

Happy Scrapping!! Jen :)


  1. Wow, great layouts! So much to look at in all those little details you've added. I especially like the LO with all the white space and the heart that you put in the middle of the butterfly. Very nice. :-)

  2. All the layouts are beautiful. Love "Extra, Extra", the layout featuring your daughter and the older couple (your parents?). All great layouts.

  3. oooooooooooo these are just darling ! So good to see so many gorgeous layouts at one go !

    p/s : damage report - Crate Random collection kit , EP 'shappy days kit ,came home with me today . Also a little MME Lost& Found 2 ! lol Thought they could be used immediately . Also the Amy Tan AC papers .

  4. Wow, Jennifer, you are on another scrapbooking roll! That's a really good point you make about the busyness - that probably explains the trend for little grids and strips of paper at the minute. Interesting!

  5. did so well with these papers. I also love the circular paper in your first layout. I tend to cut up busy papers too. Love the layout with the lots of white space. Thanks for sharing this eye candy.

  6. Oh my gosh!!! You are still on that scrappy roll?!!! LOVE all of them!! I love all the little details and layers. Making me think back a LONG time ago trying to remember what our readers looked like! I love the colors in your pages. I imagine it will be hard to see Lisa officially move out!!! I have a long way to go on that one, but I know it will be hard to see them go. These two are much more mama's boy and mama's girl than what Laura ever has been.

  7. Swoon! Jen, you have TOTALLY sold me on 5 and Dime! You should be designing for them! These LOs showcase the details of this line beautifully! :)


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