Monday, September 12, 2011

A Work in Progress

Urghhh!!  Knitting is hard..... for me, anyway.  I spent a good chunk of the day working on Lady's sweater and it is almost finished.  There is a lot of new knitting moves for me in this pattern and I can tell you that this sweater would not be winning any ribbons at the Country Fair. ;)  On the plus side, I have learned some new techniques, it fits Lady well and looks like it will be both warm and comfortable.  :)  If Lady moves really fast, nobody will notice all of the knitting mistakes. ;)

I snapped a few photos this afternoon when I tried it on her for size.

"Why did she have to knit me the ugly sweater?  Why not Gus or Maggie?"

"I'm so embarrassed.  This is humiliating."

"Seriously?  Still taking pictures!!"

"Just look away!"

"I am so getting picked on by the neighbourhood dogs." 

This little house guest left today.  

I am sad to see her leave as she is one very sweet girl.  A co-worker of Rob's has taken her to be a farm cat.  She will have other cats with her and even some dogs.  She had finally warmed up to my pack and would even swat at them in a playful way.  I hope she has a good cat life.  I am still hoping that someone will claim her but there has been no word so far.  :(  She is such a cutie that I can't imagine her not being missed.  

I have not been very creative lately on the scrappy front.   Hopefully I'll have something scrappy to share somewhat soon!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. You made me smile this morning :) A crafter who can raise a laugh at her own expense is my kind of girl! Actually I think it looks very smart and know what else I am admiring? The beautiful new blog look! I love it.

  2. O Lady what have your mom least ist sweet pink.

  3. Oh too funny, Jen!!! You have a great sense of humor and Lady has quite the personality. :) Her expressions really do look like that is what she is saying... funny pup! The sweater is so pretty. I am sure she will appreciate it once the weather turns cold (first frost warning for us tomorrow night). The cold is coming! I love the ruffle at the bottom. Not much on the crafty front here.. just garden work (canning tomatoes) and estate things with my FIL's stuff.

  4. You are so funny. I am sure Lady loves it and it is going to keep her snug and warm this winter.

  5. LOL Those photos are priceless! She looks really cute in her new sweater. I love the new blog look.

  6. awwwww ! look at these furbabies !!!! just darling , hun !!!! Yeah loving the new blog header too ! ;)

  7. I love that little sweater! It's the perfect colour on her. :) I bet she's happy she has it now that it's getting cooler! :)


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