Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A "Woman" of Great Distinction

Nothing much scrappy going on around here so I have decided to come on and do a "Guilty Pleasure" post. Time for the great reveal.  I am a huge fan of Miss Piggy.  There, I said it! ;)

Although Miss Piggy was introduced in 1976, it all began for me in 1978.  That is when one of our two television channels (on our black and white 12 inch television) started showing The Muppet Show each Sunday evening.  Although I was thirteen at the time, it was an all time favourite for me and many of my friends.  Sometimes a walk over to my best friends was in order because she had a larger coloured television.  I know,  I sound ancient. ;)

On my bed sat my Miss Piggy Puppet doll wearing her fancy shiny purple frock and sporting the ever popular Farrah Fawcett hairstyle.  On my bedroom wall hung a hooked rug of Miss Piggy that my mother made me for my birthday.  Maybe it was Miss Piggy who started my love of the colour purple.

So what's not to love about Miss Piggy.  She is one feisty lady.  So let's have a walk down memory lane.

Miss Piggy is always up on all new and in style coiffures.  Here she is sporting the ever popular kinky permed look that Barbra Streisand brought in in the late 70's.

From frizzy to straight.  I'm thinking this must be around the mid 90's.  A bit of a Jennifer Aniston look, don't you think?  You know, she just never ages. ;)

Always the fashion diva in this classic dress.  Probably designer!  She really can pull off any look, ham hocks and all.

 A natural on the runway too and all of the top fashion photographers are proud to have her gorgeous photos in their portfolio!  You know you have made it when.... ;)

Miss Piggy will be featured in the November Issue of a Canadian magazine called "Instyle".   I have seen her popping up on television and the internet because of this and I have to say that every time I see her, she makes me smile.  Here is a sneak peek.... from classic to sassy!

A post about Miss Piggy would not be complete without mention of the dear love of her life, Kermit the Frog or as Miss Piggy calls him, "Kermmie".   They apparently did eventually tie the knot in 2007,  I think.

So are there any other Miss Piggy fans out there?  Maybe it was Gonzo or Animal?   I'd love to know and am I the only one who has a hard time remembering that they are only puppets?

Time to go and down some more cough syrup or..... maybe I should ease up on the stuff.  (I am so losing followers. ;) )  hee hee

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. You are not losing followers!!! I LOVE Miss Piggy, and Gonzo and Kermie!! I own a Kermie. ;) I also own two, count that TWO muppet movies. I have made sure my kids know who they are. :) Ben loves Muppets in Manhattan. We also watch the Treasure Island one, not to mention the old Sesame Streets with Kermie. ;) You aren't the only one that watched the muppets either! Remember the critic muppets sitting up in the box seats?

  2. LOL!! Great post! I can respect your love of Miss Piggy but Kermit's absolutely the best muppet ever! ;-) I still have my Kermit doll from when I was a teenager. Whatever happened to your Miss Piggy?

  3. This gave me a much needed laugh this morning! I'm a bit of a fan myself. You can't beat a bit of pig power.

  4. I love her too!!!!! She was born the year I cam to the US so she has a special place in my heart. Oh boy... I am old!!!!

  5. bwhahahha ! I didnt realise that Miss Piggie got married even ! lol those were the days ! ;)

  6. Hehe....I so loved this post....and you are NOT losing followers.

    My favorite was always Kermet...but I am so glad they never had offspring.

  7. OMG - I freaking LOVE the muppets! Every single one of them! :) I love the SNL muppets sketches, too, where Seth Rogan plays the dog...what's his name? Anyway, it's hilarious!


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