Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not Your Average Pioneer Woman

Susan and I got together yesterday for our crafty time.  It was the day that we would embark on attempting to knit socks.  This idea has been a long time in the making.  It was Susan's idea last winter.  She said that it would be so amazing to not only be able to knit mittens but, socks too.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  ;)  We bought our official sock wool last summer when it was on sale.  I had a pattern ready to go.

As the fall crept up, we started getting anxious about our ability to knit these socks.  I decided that for me, it would be a learning exercise and would help me to expand my knitting knowledge.  I didn't really have an expectation that a pair of socks would manifest from the fruit of my labour.  Susan learned that a yarn shop near her home offers a "Sock Bootcamp".  We considered that this may be what we needed.  I wasn't sure I wanted the public humiliation of my knitting limitations!  ;)

Then Susan discovered this book!

 The title sounded promising!  There were pictures inside!!  Our hopes started rising!!!  We ended picking up the book for about 70% off.  That is a long and strange story in itself but, the short version is that it was in rough shape and I asked the nice assistant manager, "Garret",  at Michael's if he could make us a deal because we really needed this book.  With this book in hand we soon discovered that we needed to buy a different kind of wool for this pattern.  No worries.  It was cheap wool and we would save our good wool for our second pair of socks.  Besides, we would be experts by then!  Right??  ( At this point I am sorry that I have two feet to knit socks for.  Not sure a second pair is in my future.)

Anyway, two rows into the cuff I was throwing out the option of quitting.  Yes, I am a quitter and I am fine with that!!  hee hee  I hate a knit, purl pattern let alone doing it on four needles for 8 inches!  Susan, the logical one, refused to quit.  We continued on.  I tried to inspire myself by imagining that I was a pioneer woman and if I didn't get these socks knit my feet would suffer terrible frost bite this winter.  Infection could set in and mean my ultimate death.  Then I had a sudden image of myself as a pioneer woman.  I was not knitting socks, but rather strategically wrapping wool around my bare feet.  Susan suggested maybe just placing my feet into balls of unknit wool.  It could work, I think!

So this is where my sock project is at this point.

Susan is coming over tomorrow so my homework is to finish my cuff.  I have decided on a 6 inch cuff.  It will save me 2 inches of knitting and who wants knitted knee socks anyway.

My socks are too big anyway so now I need to find a woman with about a size 13 shoe size who is in need of a pair of pink socks.  Are you out there?  Email me!!  Please??

I have a new appreciation for the pioneer women of yesteryear.  How did they manage to knit socks by candle light after a hard days work on the prairie?  They must have been a tough bunch.

If you really want a good chuckle, pop on over to Susan's blog to read her account of our day.  We'll keep you posted on our work in progress!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. I'm sitting here laughing out loud! Poor you, knitting socks that will probably be too big for you, and why? Because we want to follow the same pattern as we go through this learning experience and your sister has fat ankles! Who knew knitting socks could be this entertaining?!

  2. Oh you two are so entertaining!!!! :D I can't wait to see these socks, Jen!!!!!

  3. You know that my friend Fran and I meet every week on Wednesday at home just to talk and scrap,the same as you and Sue.

  4. Kudos to you for attempting this - I tried crocheting once - what a disaster!!! I am close - size 11 :) Not quite 13 though - it will be tough to find someone with that size :) Good luck on finishing!!!

  5. Wow, I think you are amazing...I would just be off to the shops to buy ready made socks.

  6. I have just come from Susan's and I had a very entertaining time. Mind you, this one is just as funny - I honestly do wish I had been there! You two have a lot of fun together.

    Garret is a really old Irish name :)

  7. teehee , cant wait to see the finished product!

  8. Even if you have frostbitten pioneer feet, at least your hands and head will be warm with all those mittens and hats you've been working on! :)


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