Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Lonely Sock

Well, I am happy to report that I have completed knitting my sock!  Here it is... a beauty to behold!

Okay, I admit that this is one very ugly sock and it is too big for me but, I actually knit this sucker!!  Yay me!!  One more knitting challenge conquered!  Due to the size of this sock I have decided not to knit it's mate.  I think it is time to move onto knitting a more refined pair with my fancy sock yarn.  I hate to waste this sock so I have decided that it will become Lady's stocking for Christmas.  Gus and Maggie have stockings and Lady went without last year.  I am thinking of adding a twine loop for hanging and then some kind of embellishment.  Might even make something out of paper.  Santa leaves a gift for all good dogs, so my three are sure to be on his list.  ;)

There is still lots of knitting going on over here.   Hats, hats and even more hats.  I am definitely in the mood to knit.  My scrappy life has taken a back seat.  That doesn't happen very often.  As long as I am doing something crafty I feel like I am accomplishing something.

We had our first snowfall today and I was happy to see the white stuff again.   Even if it was a somewhat gloomy day, it was still pretty.  Ask me in about March how I am feeling about the snow.  hee hee  I'm sure my excitement will have faded away.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)


  1. It looks great! Just like mine, only pink, and shorter! It'll make a great stocking for Lady. Maybe embellish it with a crocheted flower and a pearly brad? It would look nice - not very Christmas-y - but nice. Can't wait to start knitting "real" socks next week. :-)

  2. I'm very impressed :) When I commented on Susan's I said I thought she should hang it out for Father Christmas. Sounds like a plan then..

  3. I am proud of you...I would never have finished it...and it will make a good stocking for Lady, so it will not be time wasted.

    I can't believe that you have had your first snow already....amazing.

  4. Way to go!!! I agree.. it will make a great sock for Lady. I have enjoyed reading yours and Susan's journey on these socks. :) We had a dusting of snow mid week last week. Ben was so very excited.. me, not so much. Yesterday we had a 60 degree day!!! LOVED!! The kids and I went to Stillwater town across the border on the river. They have the coolest chef's store! Ben thought that Curtis Stone (Take Home Chef) worked there. Went to an old fashioned candy store where most of it is made there and the bookstore. Just a great day!

  5. What a great use you find for your sock my friend.Big congrats,I think I can´t knit a sock!!!

  6. You really did a wonderful job with this sock.....great work.
    Iwish a wonderful week.
    Kisses and huges

  7. I dont think it's ugly in anyway, hun ! lol

    Well done for completing it ! more ! more ! more !

    I cant imagine the snowfall & weather on yr side of the pond , alas !

  8. What a pretty little sock - I'm sure Lady was happy to have it for Christmas! :)


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