Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week #9 Challenge

Time for another challenge!  I have to say that I am totally enjoying this book!!

This week I chose Challenge #23:  Pair older product with fresh finds for a new look.

This challenge was right up my alley with trying to use up my stash.  I knew that BG was the perfect place to start because they always seem to have a way of putting out new stuff that can go with some of the old stuff.  I wanted to use up the last scraps of my Hopscotch stash but the papers were all quite busy.  I looked into my "vintage BG" box and found this background sheet from way back.  I just love the wallpaper pattern on it.  It is called "Sweet Pea" from the Alyssa collection.  Who remembers that stuff??  Must be from way back.  Hey, it even instructed me to cut off the bottom strip with the writing on it.  hee hee  The main white sheet is from the Bittersweet collection and called "Essence".  They went so great together and yay,  I used up some old stuff!!

Here is the sketch I used from The Scrappiest.

I took a trip to the LSS last night and am quite proud of my new found discipline in the purchasing department.  Adhesives were 30% off so I wanted to stock up.  I got some of last year's MME Halloween papers for $0.22 a sheet, as well as a few other bargain bin sheets.  For a taste of the new stuff, I bought a few sheets of MME Stella and Rose as well as the 6"x6" paper pad.  This will give me a fun LO making some fun stuff out of these tiny sheets!  The line is beautiful but it really reminds me of Crate's "Restorations" and I've already played with that.  It felt good to leave the store without over buying.  I am feeling so good about using up the stash!  Sometimes having too much in life can weigh us down.  I do have an admission though.  My paper hoarding is ceasing however, I am starting to hoard sale yarn again!!  I guess that buying craft supplies just makes me happy. :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Basic Grey Kind of Day

Yesterday was all about Basic Grey.  It is funny how we go through phases where we just crave to work with a specific manufacturer.

First up, I scrapped my Lady photo with Kioshi.  It feels so good to work with such a springtime palette, especially since it is bitterly cold here.... again. {sigh}  I used my Cricut to cut the tag and make my alphas!  Always feels so great to make something from scratch! ;)

I used this sketch from The Scrappiest.

Next, I scrapped a photo of the Bride and Groom, from the wedding we attended last weekend.  The photo is a bit blurry thanks to my problematic camera, but I wanted a record of this day, so I scrapped it anyway! I finally used some of the Capella line.  I didn't buy much of this line, just a few sheets for a taste and then a few more as I found them in the sale bin box.  The background sheet is a Webster's Page.  I used a blue doily from the Kioshi line for my borders.  The title is done with the Cricut "Storybook" cartridge.  Love this sentiment for a wedding page.  Hey, I even stole some stuff from the anniversary stash to use on this! hee hee  Just the "love" medallion and two white pearls.  Shhh, don't tell Susan.  ;)

This is the sketch I used, but I don't know who created it.  I found it in my sketch file and it has been there forever.  Thank you to the unknown person who created this!!  :)

I had a very productive night last night blog surfing.  First off I found the blog of Melissa Mann.  I really encourage you to go and take a peek!  It took my breath away and just got my mind going with ideas.  I have put many of her LO's in my "scraplift file" and will be using many of her ideas.  Many of her LO's are done in an 8.5x11 format.  She makes wonderful use of negative space making embellishments with a simple punch.  She also does some stitching!

As if that was not enough, I also found this place through Melissa's blog!

The Twinery is just what I have been looking for.

 I can't find twine anywhere around here and I just love the look!

Just look at these colours!!  Can't wait until it arrives.  I will be sharing with Susan because I ordered this set of 11 colours as well as their original set of 8 colours, not realizing that 8 of the 11 colours are the same.  hee hee  I have to admit that I was in an excited state and didn't read the fine print.  I tend to do this a lot. ;)  Well, Susan and I have enough twine to last us a lifetime.  I even broke the news to Rob last night about how much I spent on a box of string, and he was fine with it.  ;)  Gotta love this man for totally supporting my scrappy addiction and understanding how string can make his wife so happy!  

Wishing you all a crafty day!  Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sneak Peek

Susan and I had a totally scrappy day yesterday!  Always so much fun and the day flies by like it is only minutes.  Check out Susan's blog for some sneaks!  Here is one more peek!

I was totally in my scrappy comfort zone yesterday, as I edged away from bling and Prima flowers and got to do some baby themed stuff.  Yes, I did sew on some buttons!!!  Yay!!!! ;)  That sweet little baby face is my brother Andrew.  He was less than happy that day, having his photograph taken by a photographer. Poor little guy with tears in his eyes. :(  I am seven years older than Andrew so I remember lots of his babyhood.

Just had to share my latest photo of the lovely Lady.  She was laying in the doorway of my bedroom enjoying a sunny patch and had all her stuffies with her, of course.  She spends much of her day moving stuffies around, playing with them and hiding them away in her kennel.  First thing in the morning, as I get the pups' breakfast ready, she starts organizing them.  She is a funny little creature with so much personality.

Hope you all have a great day with some time to create!  I might just head on down to the studio and scrap this photo!  Will Kioshi be a good fit?  It has been calling my name to come and play!  :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coyote Stink Eye

A LO featuring my unexpected visitor!  I am not happy to report that this fellow has made two more visits since this day.  I sure hope that I never come face to face with this creature.  As beautiful as he is.... I'm scared. ;)  Terry suggested glimmer misting Gus and Maggie to make them look less like a tasty rabbit.  I think I may have to!  I don't even want to think about Lady!

I used more of my Echo Park paper for this, as well as a bit of Sassafrass.  Still loving turquoise these days. The chipboard pieces are from the Collage Press line "Joyride".

Here is the sketch I used from Creative Scrappers, designed by Aphra.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Winner!!

We have a winner for my giveaway!!  Here is the high tech process documented!! ;)

Congratulations Lisa!!

Please email me your address at and I'll get your package in the mail.  :)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Some Echo Park

I just finished the last LO for "Sweetie's" album.  I have been putting off this LO because I am really not in the mood for scrapping Christmas.  I'm craving spring themes and colours at this point in the season.  Having said that, I really did enjoy working with these fun and whimsical papers.  Perfect for a LO about the anticipation of waiting for Santa to arrive.

I really stuck to the sketch on this one.  The little banner at the bottom is actually upside down Christmas trees cut out of a border strip.

Here is the sketch I used.  Just posted today on The Scrappiest!

Echo Park has an amazing line soon hitting the shelves called "For the Record".  I just can't wait to get my hands on it.  Such an amazing vintage feel to it and talk about beautiful papers!!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Green at Heart

Just a quick post before bed.  Two posts in one day!  hee hee  I am so happy that I finally scrapped these photos of this little prairie dog.

  I took these last spring and never seemed to find the right sketch.  This morning I found this sketch by Aphra on Sketch Inspiration.  Just the sketch I was looking for. 

 Then it hit me that my BG "Green at Heart" stash would be perfect.  I am in a bit of a BG mood lately.  I have a whole lot of "Kioshi" that needs to be used too.  Hmm  Maybe that will be next.

Tomorrow is Family Day here in Alberta.  I'm never quite sure what families are supposed to do for fun in frigid temperatures but, people are always happy to have an extra holiday day.  Not much planned in our house.  Probably some domestic duties and grocery shopping.  I guess that is a family thing..... I think???

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Wedding Bliss

My giveaway is still opened.  Check out this post to enter.

Just wanted to share some photos that we took at the wedding that we attended yesterday.  I was so excited that they allowed photos to be taken during the ceremony.  Unfortunately, I brought my camera which is still giving me grief after two trips back to the repair shop. :(  It is fine for close ups but will not focus properly, most times, on long range shots.  If you see some fuzzy edited shots, ummm yeah, it was done for artistic appeal. ;)

Here comes the bride.... Danielle.

Danielle and Justin taking their vows.

Signing the legal stuff.

Sweetest flower girl ever.  She sat at the feet of the bridesmaids playing quietly with the petals throughout the ceremony.  Too cute.

 Proud parents of the bride...... Carlos and Diane.

 I loved the way they decorated the head table.  It was magical!

 Beautiful cake made by Danielle's Auntie Margie.

 The bride and groom!

 Cutting the cake!

It was a beautiful celebration!

I am hoping to get some scrapping done today.  Maybe a trip to Costco first to get some photos developed.  First, I have to tear Rob away from his old cowboy movies he has been watching lately.  I just love hearing these on in the background.  I guess we grew up with these movies and I know that Rob spent lots of time playing Cowboys and Indians back in the day.  Words to live by from an old Clint Eastwood character......  goes something like this.   "There are two kinds of people in this world.  Those with guns, (he clicks the gun) and those who dig.  You dig."  hee hee  I love it!!  These movies have me pondering though.  Why is it, in these old flicks, that the men always look all greasy and dirty and yet the women can be running around in the same scene and they are all powdered, beautiful and not even a speck of dust on their long skirts?  The magic of Hollywood, I guess. ;)

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Challenge #8

My giveaway is still opened.  Check out this post to enter.

Well this week I actually got my challenge done!

Challenge #43 Sew on your LO in an innovative way.

I love sewing on my LO's.  Wasn't sure how to do this in an innovative way??  I think that all sewing looks terrific and adds the perfect detail.  Here is my LO!  Thomas looks soooo cute here.  Another amazing photograph by his Auntie Carolyn!  She is so talented!

I used the border paper that already had holes in it to sew that design.  I also sewed onto the patterned paper behind the photo.  I wanted to bring out the design of the grid that appeared in the sketch that I was using.

Here is the sketch from The Scrappiest.  I thought that the patchy BG sheet would be perfect instead of using four separate squares of paper in the design.

I figure that this challenge is the perfect place for me to give my humble opinion on some current hand sewing "helpers"  out there for purchase these days.

Here is the lovely Gus showing you my products.  Yes he walked into yet another one of my shots. ;)  

First up the tool by We are Memory Keepers.  Kind of like a rotary blade in design.  It cost me almost $11 and I don't recommend it.  It is almost impossible to roll it in a straight line.  Very hard to control but would be great if you were wanting to do some curvy lines on a LO.  I might try this for a different look and to say I actually got a bit of use out of this.

Here is the a ruler by Tim Holtz.  A gift from Susan and I am loving it!  It is the perfect piercer.  The holes are in such small incriments!  Susan and I both find that it is not great to use as a cutting edge.  It also has a center line so it is a great tool for finding your center point!

Well, I am off to a winter wedding today!  I've never been to a wedding in February.  It is a crisp sunny day just perfect for a winter wedding.  You know that you are getting old when children you saw grow up are getting married!!  Danielle was three years old when I first met her.  She was our backyard neighbour.  There she sat happily playing in her sand box.  A sweet memory to have.  She was often in Diane's school classes and Diane had her first sleepover at Danielle's.  Lisa later dated little brother Caloy.  Lots of history and family memories here.  I'm hoping to get some pictures. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!  Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Playing With Hopscotch

My giveaway is still opened.  Check out this post to enter!

I spent some time yesterday scrapping with some new stuff!!  The new Hopscotch line from BG is such a versatile line.  I have to admit that when I first saw it's release I was not too impressed but.... when I saw it at the LSS, I liked it!  Hoping this is not a new trend of mine with all the new paper releases about to hit the shelves. ;)  I am proud to say that I only purchased 6 sheets of this new line as well as the package of little"pieces" tags.  It was enough to give me a taste and it felt pretty good to only spend about $12 on it and use up some of the stash with it. :)  Basic Grey has four new lines coming soon and I noticed yesterday that the full reveal is on their site.  You can check it out here.  "Hello Luscious" is calling my name.

I loved scrapping this photo of Lisa.  This type of photo just capturing a moment in time is the reason I scrap.  I finally got to use some of those fancy buttons by JB.  Susan bought a pack of 4 and shared me half!  Thanks Susan. :)

I used this sketch from Twisted Sisters.

I'll be back tomorrow with a new weekly challenge using some more Hopscotch.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scrappy Stuff & A Giveaway!!

Lots to share today!  I made two more LO's with my Counterfeit Challenge kit.  It was so much fun working with these Valentine themed papers and I have to say that I used up some "stuff" that has been hanging around for quite some time.  I am really down to next to nothing for Valentine supplies which means that next year I will buy some new stuff. Who knows, maybe I'll find some of this year's goodies in the sale bin!  Even better. ;

First up.... the lovely "Lady"!  Just looking so demure sporting her red bandana!  hee hee  It was fun to use some rub ons here and another one of those huge PP alphas!  Yay!!  One more gone!!!  ;)

I used this week's sketch from The Scrappiest.  Here it is.

So, I finally scrapped these hilarious pictures of me and Thomas meeting for the first time.  They still make me smile!  I thought the love themed papers were perfect.  I used two different shaped sheets here and cut off the shaped part using only the center.  Great way to use up some of those hard to use sheets.  My tiny scraps from last year's PP line came in handy for the perfect pop of colour.

Here is the sketch I used from Liz Qualman.

Susan and I had a great day yesterday scrapping the anniversary album.  We each got one LO done plus a trip to Michael's and lunch out with Rob!  Lucky guy taking the White sisters to lunch. ;)  We spared him the Michael's visit. ;)

I am still struggling with the fancy products we are using in the album.  Pearls and glitter are just not my thing.  I long to sew on a button, use a ticket, some hemp and some kraft paper!  Not so great for an anniversary theme.  But.... the pages will become more casual soon as we are almost done the wedding section!  Yay!!! Here are a few peeks of some fancy stuff. :)

Now onto my giveaway!!!  Last week I was whining how I had bought extra sheets of the BG line "Indian Summer".  What better way to use them up..... give them away!!!  :)

So I have put together a fall themed kit.  Here it is.

Filled with cardstock, paper, ribbon, tags. buttons, brads, chipboard, floss and more!  All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post.  Sorry that due to shipping costs, this is only open to Canada and the U.S.A.   I'll randomly pick a winner on Monday night and announce it.  Good luck to all!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feeling the Love

Last night I decided to finally cut into the kit I created for The Counterfeit Kit Club.  It is Valentine themed so perfect to scrap a photo of my sweetie. :)  So I left "Sweetie" on the sofa with the pups and headed down to the studio to create.  Half way through the LO, while taking time to choose just the perfect sentiments to claim my love, it hit me!  You know that you have been married for 26 plus years when, you leave your loved one on Valentine's night to go and scrap about your love for him. hee hee  In my defense, Rob is not working this week and we have had lots of time together.  Maybe my gift to him was that I left him to go and scrap! LOL  Here is the LO!

It was lots of fun to create.  Lots of Valentines paper from previous years.... Making Memories and Fancy Pants.  I used this week's sketch from Sketch Inspiration.

Just had to share these photos of Lisa.

 She spent last night at the parent's home of one of her school friends.  The parents were having a party to celebrate their 25th Anniversary.  Lisa's friend loaned her this amazing "suit" to wear for the occasion.  The colours are so perfect for Lisa!  The fabric and detailed work on this was amazing.  Lisa also wore the jewelry as well as the jewel on her forehead.  I have kept this to use as an embellishment when I do a LO.  It was great for Lisa to be able to experience the Sikh culture!

I'm hoping to scrap again today!  Tomorrow, Susan and I are getting together to work on the Anniversary album.  Can't wait!!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)
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