Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Knit One then Knit One More

The knitting tangent continues.  Yes, the needles are still clicking away.  I am like a knitting machine!  hee hee

Yesterday Susan came over for crafty Tuesday and we continued on our sock knitting journey.  We are on to knitting with our "good" sock yarn and what we hoped would be a pattern for a more refined looking sock.  The yarn helps to give a delicate look but sadly this pattern for yet another "basic sock" seems a bit bulky.

Here is where I was yesterday morning.....

and here is where I am now!

Not sure what I was thinking when I chose this colour of yarn?  Although it was purchased last summer, I must have been in an autumn mood.  That or I was preparing for a Halloween costume as a witch?

In other knitting news, I have been knitting basic garter stitch scarves with this chunky Lion Brand yarn. I knit one for me and this one is for charity.

Lastly, I have been knitting up some vibrantly coloured dishcloths for Lisa.  She is my vibrant girl.

I have started doing some Christmas preparations.  It will be upon us before we know it.  Most of the shopping is finished and I have already started wrapping.  Next I will be getting my Christmas cards all signed up.  I have decided to do minimal baking this Christmas.  I only plan on making gingerbread cookies for Lisa and some special squares for Diane.  When I bake,  I end up being the one in the family eating most of it as Rob doesn't enjoy baked goods.  I am ordering pies for Christmas dinner from my favourite pie shop and picking up some Bliss Bars from Starbucks.  Christmas baking made easy! ;)
I'd love to hear how all of your Christmas preparations are coming along!

 I have recently picked up some BG "Nordic Holiday"

and some Pink Paislee "Snow Day".

It is calling my name to come and play.  I do love me some snowmen.  My scrapping mojo might finally be returning. ;)  Also, Pink Paislee is starting their 12 Days of Christmas giveaway tomorrow.  You may want to check it out for a chance to win some of this fun wintery line.  I always enjoy seeing all of the daily inspiration that their DT comes up with.

I'll be back tomorrow with a LO to share for Scrap it With a Song.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SIWAS "Thankful" Blog Hop

We are having a blog hop at Scrap it With a Song!  You have likely arrived here from Nicolle's blog.  If not head over to Scrap it With a Song to start!

To celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA we have used the song "Thankful" by Kelly Clarkson.  I used the line, "with you by my side",  to title this LO documenting how my little Lady just loves to hang out with Rob.

I have used the new Lily Bee line "Memorandum".  Love these soft shades with B&W photos.

So hop on over to Carla's blog!  Be sure to leave a comment on the Scrap it With a Song blog to be eligible for a prize sponsored by....

You could win this...

along with coordinating embellishments!!  Good luck to all and hope you will get a chance to play along with our challenge!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Christmas LO

That festive time of year is soon approaching, so I have my first Christmas LO to share.  I am the first to admit that although there are some aspects of Christmas that I don't enjoy, I am a total sucker for Christmas scrapbooking paper and love to do Christmas LO's.  This LO is featured at Let's Capture Our Memories.  I used the Echo Park line,  "Season's Greetings".  I totally love everything about this line!

I love this photograph of Thomas!  Another amazing shot from his Auntie Carolyn.  She is such an amazing photographer and I always feel so lucky to get to scrap some of her work.  I have another photo planned to scrap to document Thomas's first Christmas.  It would be good to have one that shows his face! hee hee  I just couldn't resist that cute diapered bottom crawling to the tree!

Here is the sketch I used .

Well, we have a bit of a blizzard going on and are expecting about 10 cm of snow.  It's a good day to hide in the basement and scrap!  Hope your day is toasty and warm wherever you are!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hats Hats Hats

With the amount of knitting that is going on around here, I am thinking that I should rename my blog "Knitting Daze".  The needles have been clanking away as I work on my charity hats.  I get such a great feeling knowing that these woolies will help to keep some kids warm during our cold winter months.

I have been enjoying putting a little design into these hats with some striping.  I got a great sale on some "Vanna" wool by Lions Brand.  It is fun to use up every scrap of wool and interchanging the colours.

Hope you are all having a creative day!

Happy Knitting, I mean Scrapping!!  Jen  ;)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

One Lonely Sock

Well, I am happy to report that I have completed knitting my sock!  Here it is... a beauty to behold!

Okay, I admit that this is one very ugly sock and it is too big for me but, I actually knit this sucker!!  Yay me!!  One more knitting challenge conquered!  Due to the size of this sock I have decided not to knit it's mate.  I think it is time to move onto knitting a more refined pair with my fancy sock yarn.  I hate to waste this sock so I have decided that it will become Lady's stocking for Christmas.  Gus and Maggie have stockings and Lady went without last year.  I am thinking of adding a twine loop for hanging and then some kind of embellishment.  Might even make something out of paper.  Santa leaves a gift for all good dogs, so my three are sure to be on his list.  ;)

There is still lots of knitting going on over here.   Hats, hats and even more hats.  I am definitely in the mood to knit.  My scrappy life has taken a back seat.  That doesn't happen very often.  As long as I am doing something crafty I feel like I am accomplishing something.

We had our first snowfall today and I was happy to see the white stuff again.   Even if it was a somewhat gloomy day, it was still pretty.  Ask me in about March how I am feeling about the snow.  hee hee  I'm sure my excitement will have faded away.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lots of Stuff

Lots to share today!  First off Scrap it With A Song has a new challenge up today!  The challenge is to use "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele, for inspiration.  I used the phrase, "making a home", as a title for my LO.  Finally a LO to document our condo being built last year.  It took me a long time to document this because it was not a fond memory or experience.  Seems it is much easier to scrap the happy times although it is important to scrap the not so happy times too.  That is life, after all.

I used the Studio Calico "Home Front" collection for this one.   Funny when I remember rushing to the LSS to pick up this line knowing it would be perfect to scrap all of our building memories.  Hee hee  Yes, it sat untouched for quite some time!

Next up I have a LO that I made for my favourite online store, Let's Capture Our Memories.  I used the Glitz colllection, Vintage Blue for this one.

Here is the sketch I used from Let's Capture these Sketches.

And finally, an update on the progress of my knitted sock.  Susan came over yesterday and we knit the day away and shock of all shock, we created heels for our really big socks!!  It wasn't as dreaded as we had expected and I was actually making rookie mistakes like dropping stitches on the easy part of the sock knitting!  URGHHH

Susan has decided to use her large socks as slippers and has renamed them "sloppers".  A fitting name for sure because they will be very sloppy.  ;)

Hope you all have something crafty planned for today!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not Your Average Pioneer Woman

Susan and I got together yesterday for our crafty time.  It was the day that we would embark on attempting to knit socks.  This idea has been a long time in the making.  It was Susan's idea last winter.  She said that it would be so amazing to not only be able to knit mittens but, socks too.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  ;)  We bought our official sock wool last summer when it was on sale.  I had a pattern ready to go.

As the fall crept up, we started getting anxious about our ability to knit these socks.  I decided that for me, it would be a learning exercise and would help me to expand my knitting knowledge.  I didn't really have an expectation that a pair of socks would manifest from the fruit of my labour.  Susan learned that a yarn shop near her home offers a "Sock Bootcamp".  We considered that this may be what we needed.  I wasn't sure I wanted the public humiliation of my knitting limitations!  ;)

Then Susan discovered this book!

 The title sounded promising!  There were pictures inside!!  Our hopes started rising!!!  We ended picking up the book for about 70% off.  That is a long and strange story in itself but, the short version is that it was in rough shape and I asked the nice assistant manager, "Garret",  at Michael's if he could make us a deal because we really needed this book.  With this book in hand we soon discovered that we needed to buy a different kind of wool for this pattern.  No worries.  It was cheap wool and we would save our good wool for our second pair of socks.  Besides, we would be experts by then!  Right??  ( At this point I am sorry that I have two feet to knit socks for.  Not sure a second pair is in my future.)

Anyway, two rows into the cuff I was throwing out the option of quitting.  Yes, I am a quitter and I am fine with that!!  hee hee  I hate a knit, purl pattern let alone doing it on four needles for 8 inches!  Susan, the logical one, refused to quit.  We continued on.  I tried to inspire myself by imagining that I was a pioneer woman and if I didn't get these socks knit my feet would suffer terrible frost bite this winter.  Infection could set in and mean my ultimate death.  Then I had a sudden image of myself as a pioneer woman.  I was not knitting socks, but rather strategically wrapping wool around my bare feet.  Susan suggested maybe just placing my feet into balls of unknit wool.  It could work, I think!

So this is where my sock project is at this point.

Susan is coming over tomorrow so my homework is to finish my cuff.  I have decided on a 6 inch cuff.  It will save me 2 inches of knitting and who wants knitted knee socks anyway.

My socks are too big anyway so now I need to find a woman with about a size 13 shoe size who is in need of a pair of pink socks.  Are you out there?  Email me!!  Please??

I have a new appreciation for the pioneer women of yesteryear.  How did they manage to knit socks by candle light after a hard days work on the prairie?  They must have been a tough bunch.

If you really want a good chuckle, pop on over to Susan's blog to read her account of our day.  We'll keep you posted on our work in progress!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm a Guest

Well I am finally back to my much ignored blog.  Sometimes life seems to get in the way of scrappy time and sometimes I just end up working on other stuff.  Lately, I am reading a great book, working on my charity hats, stitching a little and hanging out with the big guy in the afternoon, as he is only back at work half time.  I have even been getting some stuff done to prepare for Christmas.  It is November now, so I guess it is okay to speak of this upcoming holiday.  ;)

On to scrappy stuff.  This month I am a guest designer at my very favourite on line shopping store,  Let's Capture Our Memories.  I have actually been doing the bulk of my purchasing here lately.  I am able to get full lines of Jillibean Soup, Lily Bee and Studio Calico!  I am one happy girl.  It is also a perk to have the goodies delivered right to my door!  Here is the first of three LO's that I will be sharing this month for the store.  This LO features all Jillibean Soup "Sweet and Sour Soup" product.

Bolt belongs to Diane's best friend.  Diane had the pleasure of dog sitting this girl a few months back.  She came over for a play date with the pups.  What a sweetie she is!

This is the sketch I used from the store's sketch site, Let's Capture These Sketches.

Just wondering if anyone is considering doing a December Daily journal this Christmas?  I noticed that Ali Edwards and Studio Calico have teamed up with a beautiful kit including a custom album.  It is pricey though at almost $80.  Shimelle also has one that she is selling in the UK but can also be ordered though Two Peas in a Pod.  Marcy Penner has hand crafted an amazing kit too!  In looking at these amazing kits I debated as to whether I would create one for myself.  It would be a terrific opportunity to use up some of the ever growing Christmas stash.  In the end I have decided not to, only because there isn't much going on around here at Christmas.  Now if the kids were little, I would be doing one for sure.  December was always such a busy month with Christmassy things going on every day.  I love the idea of getting the bulk of it done ahead of time and then just having to put in your photos and journaling during the busy month of December.  A terrific way to get all of those memories and traditions documented.  I would love to hear your ideas on this project!

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen :)
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