Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Another Tangent

The new year seems to be bringing me into yet another crazy tangent.  Of course, it involves knitting.  Can't seem to get enough of this lately.  Hey, it is a cheaper hobby than scrapping.  ;)

Susan and I are knitting scarves for the Canadian Special Olympics.  We are really coming in on the end of this project so time is of the essence.  The deadline for drop off is February 1.  So we have put the dog coats on hold and all Crafty Tuesdays (and as much other time as we can find) will be spent knitting for this awesome cause.  The goal is to have 2500 and they are currently around the 1500 mark.  The scarves must be 7 inches wide and 6 feet long, so they take a bit of time.  All scarves must be blue and off-white with a splash of maple leaf red. My goal is to get three done.  I'm hoping to recruit my MIL into the project too.

I also seem to have found a new knitting passion.... baby afghans.  Socks don't interest me much but these tiny blankets excite me!  It was this exciting book that ignited this.

Here is the first one I have started.

And because of my tangent-y nature there has been some yarn purchasing for future blankets!

This lavender yarn just makes me smile.  It is a washable wool / acrylic blend.

Now, there are no babies to gift these little gems to but I plan on putting them away for future use.  I figure with the age of my girls, they will soon have friends who will be having babies.  (The lavender one is going away for my someday grandbaby.  ;))

I'll leave you will these very Canadian photos taken on New Year's Day on the slough.  Seeing this just gave me a warm feeling!  I think one of these may make it into the Winter Album.

Well,  I'm off to get some laundry done and get these pups out for a walk.  There may be a quick trip to Michael's for more scarf yarn purchasing with my coupon.

Happy Scrapping!!  Jen  :)


  1. Such pretty projects! Do you have a JoAnn's up there?? They have a bunch of that Lion brand yarn on sale!!! Mine did anyway. :) We have a few ponds in our neighborhood, but we never see any of the kids out playing hockey on them. There aren't too many kids here, and the ones that are are still too little to play hockey. I think I needs to search down some skates for the kids. Don't know if I dare get on them myself! LOL It has been ages since I have last ice skated! :)

  2. I always love seeing glimpses of your area of the world...and your snow and ice pictures makes me smile. Happy knitting.

  3. ooh, you are giving me itchy fingers - I bet by the time the day is out I'll have bought some new wool! I love that scarf project - sounds like a great one to be involved in

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  5. So impressed by your knitting Jen!!! I wish I could - maybe one day :) Great shots of the pond - such beautiful scenery in your neck of the woods!!

  6. You are knitting up a storm Jennifer! I hope you won't give up on scrapbooking though. :) I used to do a lot of knitting when my kids were younger (and before I discovered scrapping). I especially love to knit in front of the TV in the winder months.
    Good luck with your scarves and I can't wait to see more of your baby afghans.
    Btw, those snowy pics are gorgeous! Do you know that I have never seen snow in my life. I hope to change that one day. :)
    Have a great day! xx

  7. Love those pond-hockey photos! I used to really like quilting baby blankets...though it was lazy-quilting, really just hand-stitching around one of those large patterned blocks (does that make sense?) that you can get at the fabric store. Lately, I've been doing mini-albums for the new babies in my life. It's too big a task for those I don't know well, but my sister's and best friend's new babies each received a pre-made album with spaces for them to add photos. (Did I already tell you about this?) I borrowed the technique you used with those doggy albums for the wiener-dog rescue, and I "mirrored" each double-page layout. It worked fantastically! :)


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